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Create Golden Text Effect In Photoshop – Video Tutorial

Golden text effect
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

Well there are numerous ways to create Golden text effect in Photoshop. It’s not compulsory that every Graphic designer is using similar technique to create Golden text effect. With the passage of time and experience you will discover new techniques which can produce the same results. So, after watching out the tutorial you will get the idea how to use these tools effectively and create striking text effects by little effort.

Golden text effect

Step 1: Creating Document For Golden Text Effect

Open New Photoshop Document by pressing Ctrl+N on your keyboard or by using File Menu, after that set the Preset width 1000 Pixels and Height 500 Pixels, Resolution 72, Color Mode RGB, 8 bit, Background Contents: Background Color and press Ok.

Step 2: Creating Background

Make sure your Foreground Color is black now you require a texture for creating Gold text effect in Photoshop. So, I have already chosen one, I immediately opened and move it on my working file with the help of Move Tool. Create a New Layer by pressing Ctrl+J and fill black color in it with the help of Paint Bucket Tool. Now it’s time to activate Elliptical Marquee Tool and drag it from one corner to another corner.

Once you are done, Right click in selection area >> Select Inverse and Add Layer Mask. In my case i need a bit darker background. So, I will create another Copy by pressing Ctrl+J on my keyboard and then I will Create New Fill Or Adjustment Layer >> Solid Color Choose Black color and then click Ok. Set the Opacity up to 63 to 65 %.

Step 3: Blending Options

After creating the background you need to write some text in your Photoshop I am using MV Boli font you can use any font as per your demand then select your text layer and go to Blending options and click on Bevel and Emboss >> Depth 151 >> Size 10 PX >> Gloss Contour >> Ring-Double Check Anti-aliased >> Highlight Mode >> Color Dodge Shadow Mode >> Overlay.

Click on Contour option then go to Contour elements >> and choose Gaussian after that select Stroke set the Position: Center and Fill Type: Gradient click on Gradient it will open another window which is called Gradient Editor. Here you can create it by yourself.  In my case I create black and white gradient the technique which I have used is to create color stop in little distance and then added different colors. Once you complete click on Ok underneath you have seen option called Style: Set it on Diamond

Step 4: Inner Glow

Click on Satin >> Contour >> Cove-Shallow then go to Inner Glow >> Set color White >> Screen >> Color Dodge, Opacity: 100 %, Element >> Technique: Precise, Size 10 PX, Quality >> Range: 98%

Step 5: Outer Glow

For adding more beauty in Golden text effect choose Outer Glow >> Blend Mode: Soft Light, Set white Color by using Color Picker and Press Ok, Opacity: 100% Element >> Spread: 6 % Size 106 Pixel, Quality >> Contour: Linear, Range 73 %

Step 6: Color Overlay

Now, it’s time to work on Color Overlay option which is available in Layer Style, set white color and slightly move your cursor in Color Picker and when you think that your text looks like chromic style then press ok and set its Opacity as per your text demand.

Step 7: Drop Shadow

It is in fact the last blending feature which I will apply to enhance it more Distance: 14 PX >> Spread: 20 %, Size: 13 PX and click on Ok.

Step 8: Final Step

To complete this golden text effect tutorial you are always in need of an image of lens flare. You can find similar image on Google and use accordingly. So, open up an image in Photoshop and move it on your working layer Go to Blending Mode and set it on Multiply enlarge your image on your whole canvas.

Set Foreground color on # F3D73E. Activate Brush Tool by pressing B on your keyboard set the Hardness on 0 % and Opacity 100 %. Make a new layer and be sure that this layer is in middle of your text and lens flare. Slightly move your brush on text and you’ll see that the text will turn into Golden effect.


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