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Get Yahoo And Bing Ads - Media.Net Account Instantly With In A Week
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Get Yahoo And Bing Ads – Media.Net Account Instantly With In A Week

yahoo and bing ads
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

Today I am going to disclose some hidden secrets for the approval of Yahoo and Bing ads. As you all know that most of the bloggers earn money from blogging through different strategies and to monetize ads on their website with different advertising companies. Among these Google adsense is the leading ad network through which you can earn a lot, if you work under the policies which they prescribed. But now they have made their policies very strict especially for Asian countries. So, its not wrong to say that now to get the approval of its ads become very tough and challenging for newbies. They easily rejected the websites and the bloggers become dishearten. So, for those guys I must say don’t be dishearten if you  are rejected then there are hundreds and thousands other legal ways through which you can earn very awesome amount. For this you only have to choose its best alternative. Its up to you that what is your choice but I prefer the Yahoo and Bing ads (Media.Net) as it is the best alternative or competitor of Google’s.

yahoo and bing ads

This advertising program is working with the partnership of two well known search engines i.e. Yahoo and Bing. Most of the bloggers monetizing their blogs with it and they earn a lot because of its popularity which it gets in a very short period of time. It is basically a CPM (Cost Per Mile) program, it shows the most relevant ads to your niche which is very helpful for getting some good results as it also pays you for your page views. It allows you to customize its different ads format whether its about colour theme or its design. The best thing is that they have very quick customer support service means if any blogger wants any kind of help he/she will get it in very effective and understanding way. They properly guide you about the ad pasting as well as how you can make the top level revenue through it.

Some Basic Media.Net Requirements For Approval

Its policies are very simple and easy for the approval of its account so you should read its policies very carefully through their website which is After submission of your application they will visit your blog and check it whether it is capable for approval or not. For this process they mostly take 1 to 2 weeks and inform you via email. If you are running more than 1 website then you have to apply individually for each and every website or blog.

Below mention tips will help you for getting its account easily and instantly.

Content Should Be Distinctive And Free Of Copyright

The very basic and the key to the approval of Yahoo and Bing ads is unique and creative content. It is the mean requirement for this process that your content should not be copyright because if any of such activity is detected then you will be surely rejected by For this purpose I suggest you to select such topic which is hot demanded, do complete research then extract your research and write an article in your own words. If your content has distinctive quality and remarkable about the describing topic then no one can stop you from quick approval for these ads.

Always Show Legal Activities For Getting Yahoo Bing Ads

Like the policies of other advertising programs it is strictly prohibited that you provide some kind of adult and pornographic content, or show any misuse of drugs, also you cannot share any kind of illegal activity through your content means any cracking or hacking techniques. So, if you want the quick approval again I say here that you should write and adopt all the white hat seo techniques.

Try To Generate International Traffic

One of the very significant factor which is very worthwhile for Yahoo and Bing ads approval is the traffic of your blog. Every blogger has at least 1000 Page views and near about 3 to 4 hundred unique visitors per day. The majority of your traffic should be from European countries the main cause behind this is that they have mostly ads which are related to these countries. This network likes to those blogs whose traffic has from US, UK, Canada etc. If your blog has massive traffic according to the demand of this network then you can easily get their approval.

Required Age of Domain For Bing Yahoo Ads

As I have mentioned that content matters a lot regarding approval although approves such websites who are quite new but having unprecedented content. With it you also have quite good time in blogging field I mean to say that the age of your blog should be 6 months this is the best domain age for applying different kinds of advertising networks. Because in this period of time I think a blog makes its reputation and the online communities familiar with it.

Pay Concentration To The Outline Of Your Blog

Its very good to know that you can approve on a free hosted domain also but as free hosting are not reliable or long lasting so its better for you to buy a paid hosting plan, with some excellent domain name which is short and has a keyword in it. With it always apply on that time when you have completed your website pages i.e. About Me, Contact us and Private Policy. Its also very beneficial to you that you should made your website design in such manner which is user friendly , easy to navigate and has eye catching interface.

Remove Other Ads While Applying

Although you can work with different advertising programs at a time but if you are going to apply for Yahoo and Bing ads you should remove all the other ads at the time of applying. After approval you can again add other ads but you can easily be rejected if you burry your website with too much ads.

English Language is Obligatory

As I have mentioned above that the traffic of your blog must be from Europeans countries so you have to make a website in English. Remember that you can’t get its approval if your website language is not English.


The tips which I have mentioned here is really worthwhile for applying any kind of advertising networks whether it is yahoo and bing ads or any other ads. You can get its payment by Paypal or Bank wire transfer Hope these tips can help you to get super alternative of Google. If you follow these step by step guide lines then no worries it will surely approve your application. If you are using these ads then share with us its awesome results or if not then apply for it in your first preference.

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Muhammad Mairaj

Hello! My name is Muhammad Mairaj from Abbottabad, Pakistan. Founder of etutorialblog. An ardent blogger and Seo expert. Here I talk about Blogging, SEO, Affiliate marketing, Wordpress & Graphics. Find me on Facebook | Twitter | G+


  • Well for me these are top life saver tips… I do agree that i have applied for the network months ago but got my invitation turned down.

    Maybe with the help of your tips i will make ammendments and re apply again 🙂

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Babshaybell for your 2nd visit on my blog i am happy that you like my work and sharing your feedback. Another thing is very important while apply Yahoo and Bing ads that it will always consider your Alexa rank. So, in this scenario your main focus is also set your Alexa rank which is the Plus point to get its account. Once again thanks for your valuable comment hope you visit again and share your thoughts and ideas.

  • Hi Mairaj,

    You said it right that most of bloggers rely on Google AdSense to get ads for their blog. There are many other alternatives and one of them is

    I am glad to know about it’s policies. Like Google, Yahoo and Bing focus at the age of domain name and the blog.

    Thanks for sharing this article.:)

    Have a great weekend.


    • Thanks Ravi,
      For showing your great interest on each and every post of my blog and admiring my work. No doubt your that kind of behavior helps me to write something unique which is useful for blogging. Hope you always visit and share your valuable feedbacks.
      Have a nice weekend.
      Muhammad Mairaj

  • Hello Muhammad,
    You’re awesome! I was actually battling with Yahoo! Ads before Adsense comes to my rescue 🙂 . Perhaps, I need to give it another try. Thanks for sharing and do have a nice weeks ahead.

    • Great to see you on my blog Victor once again. Hope these tips are helpful for getting Yahoo and Bing ads But before applying it improve your Alexa because if you have some nice Alexa rank it will surely approves your ads without any hesitation.
      Thanks for your nice comment 🙂

  • Hi Mairaj

    Very wonderful review where you covered all the main aspects related to this product.

    I think it has the biggest potential to become the perfect alternate of Google Adsense. Right now its clients are not as much as its biggest competitor has but the way it is getting popular it is talk of the town it will give a big surprise in PPC market.

    Thanks for sharing this very useful and equally a profitable post.

  • Hi Muhammad Mairaj. i didn‘t much preferences to other network other than adsense but after this post i can say yahoo bing ads can make the same difference if we learn to use it accurately

    • Great to see you on my blog Nitin and share you nice feedback. No doubt every blogger can easily increase their earning with the help of ads. its a a great alternative of Google adsense.
      have a nice weekend

    • Thanks yes you can. But it give more importance to those websites and blog who have paid hosing & Domain. And your website should be in English language. Because most of the advertisers belongs to US, Canada, England, etc.
      Thanks for your nice comment

  • And if there is one thing I do love about, it has to with the fact that their ads open in new tab.
    I have had an account with them for more than a year and I don’t wake up each day with the fear of being banned unlike Adsense.

    • Thanks Emmanuel for dropping your precious comment on my blog. And share your experience regarding ads.No doubt if you have some nice traffic and you should work under the prescribed policies of Then Yahoo and Bing ads is the long lasting companion of your website or blog.
      Thanks for sharing such a nice comment. Hope you visit again.

  • Hello Mairaj,

    Another great Post indeed on this blog. actually my blog is only 5-6 month old and i read the review of Yahoo and Bing ads, publisher account. actually they wants more then 60% traffic from U.S and U.K. countries.

    And your post is very helpful going to try this tips on my blog.

    Thanks 🙂

    • Great to see you on my blog Sanu. Yes as you mentioned in your article that most of the traffic which comes on your website belongs to US, Uk etc. Because most of the advertisers belongs to these countries. So, while applying ads you should work hard for your traffic if you you have some nice international traffic flow then definitely you’ll get its account easily.
      Thanks for dropping your nice comment. Hope you visit again for further updates.

  • Hello Mairaj,

    Now a days, Goggle has heightened up for the Adsense Approval Process. Though Adsense is still considered to the best ads publisher network but due to its strict approval process, we should find the best alternative. And what alternative could be better than Yahoo Publisher Ads Network or If we follow just a simple steps, we can easily get approval for it.

    Thank you for explaining the approval process of in details.

    Have a lovely day.


    • Thanks Swapnadip, Yes I agree that Google Adsense is the best Ads Publisher Network and now its very difficult to get its account due to its strict policies so, Yahoo and Bings ads is its best alternative. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  • Google adsence is popular and powerful advertising platform but in Asian countries Google determine some invalid activities that’s why they decide to apply strict policies to reduce the spam users. But Google alternatives are available in the market. is the best and finest alternative of Google adsence. I want to thank to @Muhammad Mairaj because he share his experience with us.

    Siraj Mahmood

  • Thks for this helpful articles, medianet is obviously the best alternative to google adsense, they also have their own rules which is similar to that of adsense but less strict, thks for sharing the approval tips

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