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Face Photoshop Painting Tutorial With Displacement Map

Photoshop Painting
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

I have written another post and recorded this fantastic tutorial in which I have shown the exact method of creating this super impressive face Photoshop painting effect. This is one of my favorite effects and is pretty famous globally.

Face painting is an amazing art. People love to paint different sort of graphics on their bodies as well as the facial areas from professional artists who have expertise in a relevant field. It can be anything like different types of tattoos, world map, sceneries, shapes as well as the national flag of their countries as well.

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Photoshop Painting

So, it entirely depends on you to choose any type of graphics which I have discussed above. In this tutorial, I am going to demonstrate the whole steps that how to paint face in Photoshop. You don’t require any type of realistic paint or numerous types of brushes because we are going to make our Photoshop painting in PS.

During the season of world cup of different sports like Cricket, Football and much more. You can easily find most of the people in the crowd who are supporting their favorite teams and did the same thing that they paint their faces with their national flags.

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Through which one can easily scrutinize that this individual is supporting which team. So, it’s a great way to buck up the players of your country which gives more strength and confidence to perform well in grounds for their country and nation.

Photoshop face painting can be used in different ways means one can beautify social media covers, Youtube channel arts, use in the form of logos for branding purposes, in videos, animations, documents, presentations, Business cards and different sort of stationaries.

Steps To Complete Face Photoshop Painting

Step No. 1

Before completing the face painting Photoshop You are required two different images. Place the model image on your Photoshop canvas and zoom in the facial area by using Zoom Tool. After that go to File Menu or Click Ctrl + O from the keyboard and open up the image of your flag.

Step No. 2

Now simply drag the flag image to your main layer and transform it through Free Transform Option. Which is available in Edit Menu. Adjust the size properly which are appropriately same as the size of the model face and reduce the Opacity 75% and Add Layer Mask.

Step No. 3

Make sure your Layer Mask is selected. Then choose the Brush Tool and Increase Brush Diameter up to 60 PX and Hardness is around 45%. Set Foreground color to White and slightly paint all the face as I have shown in the video. This process will take some time, the more mouse control you have the more quality result you can generate.

Step No. 4

Once you have painted the whole face then you are in need to change the Foreground color to Black >> Choose Zoom tool to zoom the eye. Select the brush one more time with smaller size and use it to eradicate the flag color from eye and lips to make your effect more prominent.

Step No. 5

Another important thing in this face Photoshop painting tutorial is that when you paint flag on your face you did some mistakes. If you have accidently remove the flag color from that portion from where you do not want to remove. No worries, all these minor mistakes can easily be fixed.

Step No. 6

With the help of foreground color yes if you have chosen color white it will paint the color of your graphics which you want to paint on your project and if you choose color black it will erase the color of that graphics from the project.

Step No. 7

After erasing the color from the eye and lips Right click on the Mask a drop down menu will appear  with some options. Choose Apply Layer Mask and increase the Opacity 100 % >> duplicate the same layer and switch off the layer simply be clicking on the eye sign. Then select the main flag layer >> Press Ctrl + L on your keyboard slide the Output Levels up to 255 and press Ok. Change mode to Saturation.

Step No. 8

Now activate your Duplicate layer by clicking on eye sign and set Blend Mode to Multiply >> Reduce Fill up to 72 % Now it’s time to make a PSD file for creating a displacement map. So, Go to File Menu >> Save As give a suitable file name and set the appropriate destination.  

Step No. 9

Filter Menu >> Distort >> Displace make sure Horizontal Scale value is 1 and Vertical Scale value is 2 keep it on both of these options Stretch To Fit and Wrap Around and Press Ok. Now pick up the PSD file because we are in need to use it to wrap around the face which makes this face painting effect more realistic and eye-catching. 


I have tried to complete this easy Photoshop painting tutorial into 9 simple steps hope, it provides ease to our blog readers to improve their graphic skills. So, if you like our work do share it on different social media platforms with your friends and leave your precious feedback in comment section.    

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