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article writing tips
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

There are vast material and definitions on internet about content writing in which most of the bloggers share different article writing tips. Most of the writers penning down in detail that what actually it is. But according to my own opinion its an art in which you can express your unique ideas and share quality information by the beautiful words adding in your article which helps to beautify your content as well as helpful for readers to get something exclusively new. After accomplished your article I prefer you to share it for all social mediums for promoting your content.

article writing tips

Relation Between Freelancing And Article Writing

Freelancing is the great source of earning online through article writing. There are many platforms which welcome you if you have professional writing skills. According to my way of thinking article writing is not a horrible thing. Most of the peoples distress for such kind of activities regarding content writing. But this is a profitable way of earning for bloggers. Freelancing websites give chance to any individual who has excellent writing skills, So, write valuable content and in reward they will pay you for your each article.

Write Article For Different Article Directories

Article directories are also a great platform which allows writer to write content which is unique, informative, and good for online community. In which some are free and some pay for your article. The procedure is very simple for joining these directories just register yourself in these article submission plateforms then write article and publish it. The advantage of these directories is that most of them allow you a valuable backlinks for your websites or blog. Which is worthwhile to increase your Google page rank as well as Alexa traffic rank if you are successfully published and approved.

Wisely Choose The Topic Of Your Article

First of all choose kind of topic which attracts the readers of your blog. As they will take huge interest for keep in touch with your blog because they will get such valuable content on daily bases which is gainful for online community. By doing this your blog’s traffic will upsurge.

How To Write Inspiring Article For Your Blog

In your article share types of content which inspire the readers of your blog. Always your article headings should be easy to understand and eye catching. According to online survey its clear that the online community not read the whole article as well mostly they read only the heading or some discerning piece of content. So you are very much focused about starting your article.

How To Improve Writing Skills

No doubt newly bloggers facing problems about article writing. But if you are implementing these article writing tips in your blog, post and committed with your work then no body stops you to become a successful writer. Moreover you should concentrate that how to achieve your goal and never give up. Keep practicing writing on daily bases then one day you’ll see magical changes in yourself. Your pen will be producing excellent words.

Your Article Is Simple And User friendly

Your article should not be very much complex. Try to give you more ease to your readers that everyone can easily understand what you are conveying in your post. So, use simple words. Before writing clear your mind that every one has their own mental approach so write as simple as you can which is good rather then that you are using difficult phrases and complicated language.

Importance Of Headings

This is one of another article writing tip you should use heading in your articles. It is very important to add Heading tags i.e H1, H2 upto H6 for separation of your paragraphs because search engine likes such kind of articles which use headings. Due to this user can easily understand that what actually in this para is.

Some About Paragraphs

Your paragraph should not be very long. Try to write short paragraphs in which you can cover the extract point of your article and the whole story about the single tip about.Never write irrelevant content just go direct to your topic.

Write Quality Content For Your Blog

Being an article writer your responsibility is to write kind of article which is unique in all sense and share article writing tips The Niche you are choosing should be unique that user has no other choose to come back and visit your blog.

Before Writing You Need To Little Research

The right tactic for content writing is to explore the knowledge through little research that will give you more about what you are writing in depth. This tip is very essential.

Avoid Misspell And Grammatical Mistakes

Before writing article it is crystal clear if you want to write fully optimized article then you have no choice for spell mistakes and grammatically problems. If you want to become a successful writer then you should cover all these shortcomings. After writing check out your content through which will show you that where you misspelled or have grammatically problems. It will resolve these problems.

Write Fully Optimized Article For Your Blog

I prefer you to create blog or website in WordPress. Because WordPress Plugins cover Seo in more detail. Before writing article in post section you need proper key word research through Google Keyword Planner first because key words play an important role in SERP which is helpful for organic traffic referred by major search engines. Moreover use focus keyword in your post title, 1st Paragraph, as well as description also.

How To Protect Your Article From keyword stuffing

Right now I’ll discuss some very important factors which definitely guide you how to protect your article from keyword stuffing. Repetition of keyword is harmful in this scenario. Because Google algorithms are exploring kind of websites or blog who add a lot more keywords again and again. This is Black hat SEO technique. Which means you are forcefully order search engine to crawl your website and get indexed quickly. While detecting such activity your blog will be penalized.Below mentioned article writing tips will helpful to protect you from keyword stuffing.

Always focus keyword density issue in your article. The ratio of using keywords in your article is 2% in 100 words.

Your main keyword should be use in your post title just one time if you are trying to add 2 times this is also in sense of keyword stuffing.

The ratio of your focus keyword which you are using in your heading and description is only 1 time. So, you don’t need to exceed the limit. more about the WordPress Plugin shows you the snippet preview and the complete structure of your keyword using in different places.

Importance Of “Alt” Tag

Optimizing images on your article is very important for doing this. You can use “Alt” tag and give description. This tag is very helpful for search engines to easily locate your blog or website. By doing so you’ll get some organic traffic from different search engines.

Reconsider You Article Before Publishing

After adding all the necessary elements in your blog post for optimizing i.e your meta keywords, meta description, Alt tags and much more don’t publish it just save it in your draft and preview your unpublished post that how it looks like. Before publishing read it carefully if there is any misspell and grammatically mistake you have to cover it soon. If you are fully satisfy that it is ok then publish it.


I hope these article writing tips are beneficial for you it is helpful for enhancing your writing skills. In my future article which is related to same topic I will share with you that what are the ways and platforms which allow you to earn money online through article writing so keep in touch with our blog for further updates.

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    One thing i love about your blog is your subheadings, i made the mistake of not highlighting mine at the early stage of my blogging, now i am regretting that, i trying my best to correcting the error. I am happy for you.

    • Thanks Emebu, You know subheadings blow spirit in your post otherwise your post is just like newspaper article and it also matters a lot in SEO. Hope after correcting your errors now you’ll earn your desire results.

  • Hi Mairaj,

    To be a good writer one must always try to write in a way that our target audience will understand. Writing simple articles filled with quality information always attracts readers.

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