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Easy Passport Size Photo Tutorial – Complete Guide

passport size photo tutorial
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

Well now in passport size photo tutorial I have tried to elucidate in an uncomplicated way that how efficiently individuals can create passport size photos in Photoshop instantly. I have earlier published a post on the same topic but in this tutorial you will learn something new in a very different style.

passport size photo tutorial

Best Photos Resolution 

Mostly the resolution which is used to create passport size photo in Photoshop is 150 dpi but that doesn’t mean that you cannot increase it more than this. In fact you can make your photographs more dynamic with 300 dpi. If you want to create photos in larger sizes then you can try 300 dpi for quality results.

Passport Size Photo Tutorial – Complete Steps

Step No.1

Open up your Photoshop graphics program and call out your desired image to create striking Passport size photoNow activate Crop Tool by pressing Ctrl+C on your keyboard. Another essential thing is to delineate the properties of selected tool and it should be some what like, Width 35 mm, Height 45 mm.

Step No. 2

In our next step I am merely going to specify the part which I want to crop. The tool automatically acquire the define height, width which I mentioned in tool properties earlier. When you are contented with your selection just double click on it or hit Enter key.  

Step No. 3

Before going into further details unlock your working layer simply by double clicking on it and opt Pen Tool (P) from your toolbar. Make sure the properties are set as Paths and start creating paths around your image. 

Step No. 4

When you are completed with this step, Right click on the focal point of your image and choose option called Make Selection. Another window is open in front of you where you can specify the Feather Radius: in Pixels and that should be 1 or 2 pixel as per the image requirement then Press Ok. 

Step No. 5

Go to Select Menu >> Inverse Click on Set Background Color to create exceptional BG for your passport size photo. This part of passport size photo tutorial is very important so, you should have to focus on the selection of right color, hit Ctrl + Del on your keyboard with the help of this little trick you can apply that color as Background. 

Step No. 6

One can enhance the background of his/her Passport size image with this little trick .Hopefully you guys will enjoy a lot. Go to Filter Menu >> Render >> Lighting Effects >> click on Style: Choose FlashLight option from drop down list.

On the left side of that window you can see the preview of Passport size image which you are going to create in Photoshop. This preview restrain a circle with a center point along with 4 anchor points with the help of these anchors one can easily enlarge and positioned this cool lighting effect.

Step No. 7

In fact I have already completed passport size photo tutorial in six easy steps but I have a plan to add more details which make it more attractive. So, what I am gonna do right now is to apply shine on the hair of that gorgeous lady.

Choose Dodge Tool from the tool bar Range >> Highlights >> Exposure >>32 or 33 %. Enlarge brush size a little more and slightly move on the areas of hair where you want real shine. You can see a nice shining effect on the hair which looks more practical.


This article is concerned with a simple passport size photo tutorial which contains few steps with the help of which one can transform a simple photo into required passport photo. Hope you guys like it if you find it fruitful share it with your friends on social media.

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  • Hi Mairaj,

    Though I don’t use the photoshop but it’s always good to know about it. Most of the people use it in an effective way to generate the visual content.

    Thanks for sharing with us. This will help many people.
    Have a great day.

    • Hi Ravi,

      Photoshop is infact an amazing software which help out individuals to create eye-catching graphics for their websites.

      Many thanks for leaving such a precious comment on ETB 🙂



  • Hi Mairaj

    Very clear instructions for any photoshop users.

    I don’t use it myself, but it would be almost worth it to apply that lovely shine to my hair 🙂

    Have a great weekend. Joy – Blogging After Dark

  • People who are able to use Photoshop well, I really feel jealous of them. The only feature I can use in it is changing the resolution and colour of an image.

    That level of skill is also helping me a lot in improving the quality of my visual contents. I will see if I can come up with one passport photo using your tips.


    • Hi Sherab,

      Welcome to my blog and obviously one can easily modify any photo in Photoshop with the help of our video tutorial.

      Many thanks for your lovely comment 🙂

      Keep visiting our blog for more useful tips & tricks about Photoshop.



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