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How To Make Dotted Line Photoshop Tutorial

Dotted Line Photoshop
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

Today we will talk about dotted line Photoshop, how it is used in various ways to make our design better and better. We can use dotted lines with many variations.

You can make it with the brush tool also but we will follow a slightly different method for dotted lines. We will learn how to make dotted line in Photoshop and convert the simple lines into dotted line.

Dotted Line Photoshop

Dotted Line Photoshop

It’s very easy to follow trick of Photoshop which gives us this facility. That turns the outer line of any circle or shape into a dotted line or border.

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We can deal with line and shape with the help of dotted Line Photoshop. But other than that, we can use it on any image also, and you can easily change its outer line to dash or dotted line.

The line is a powerful element in graphic design which make things easier for us for decorating our design; it is used in many ways for e.g. creating patterns, content separator, borders, creating shapes, logos, and much more.

If Line had no significance in the world of graphics, so there would be no vector graphics software like CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator. That’s why graphic designers use lines while designing to accomplish their designing tasks efficiently.

Dashed Line – Dotted Line Photoshop Tutorial

Step 1

Activate the Custom Shape Tool and select Shape from its properties. Then choose the Ellipse Tool from the Custom Shape Tool in the toolbar.

Step 2

Draw a circle; define its color in the stroke option. Set the width of the stroke to 10.73 pt, choose Line Style dashed, or dotted. More options we have to put 1 value in the Gap and 2 in the Dash and click on OK.

Step 3

Plus you can change its color with any color. For this, you have to go to the Stroke option and then in color picker stroke color option.

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You can also use any Custom Color Code of your choice and click on OK. This way we will create a dotted circle quite easily.

Step 4

Again go to Custom Shape Tool; now select the ready-made shape of the heart. Draw a heart shape on your Photoshop canvas. Choose the color according to the method described above.

Step 5

Give the width of the stroke 10.73 pt again. Now choose your Line Style and repeat the same process as mentioned above in More Options. Gap 1 and Dash 2.

Step 6

Now you have learned how to convert any shape to dash and dotted line. It’s time to learn how to change simple lines to dotted lines. For this, we have to choose the pen tool and keep its property shape.

Step 7

While pressing the shift key draw a line. Give your desired stroke color, line style and width. This way is handy to convert solid lines to dashed or dotted lines.

Step 8

Now we try to do the same thing a little differently. First Off open an image in Photoshop. Activate the Pen Tool and select the Shape from its properties.

Step 9

Create an outline of your image using the Pen tool. Do not speed up the process. Because of the better the outline, the better the end result.

Select the color of your choice from the strokes. I am using a lighter color here and then deal with line width and style. In last I have set line width 10.73 pt and put the value of 1 in line gap and 2 in dash.

Step 10

Further activate the Transform tool and extend your dotted outline slightly outwards. So, that the protruding edges can be hidden, make a copy of the shape layer, reduce the opacity to 40%.

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Actually dashed lines or dotted line Photoshop is a major part of designing. I have shown a fairly quick and simple method to create a solid line into stunning dotted lines in Photoshop. 

These types of line style grab more attention in your design. A simple tutorial on dotted lines Photoshop is being offered to clear up your confusion. I hope you don’t have to watch any video tutorials on this topic after that.

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