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Dofollow And Nofollow Link Guide For Passionate Bloggers

Mostly novice bloggers are bit baffled about dofollow and nofollow link. They are always eager to know more about in detail that what actually dofollow & nofollow link and what is its worth in Search engine optimization. So, in this article I am going to give some practical examples which are indeed feasible for those who don’t have any idea how to deal with it and how to make difference in both type of links.

Difference Between The Code Of Dofollow And Nofollow Link

Codes For Nofollow Link

<a href=”https://etutorialblog.com” rel=”nofollow”>Video Tutorials</a>

<a rel=”nofollow” href=”https://etutorialblog.com”>Video Tutorials</a>

<a href=”https://etutorialblog.com” rel=”external nofollow”>video tutorials</a>

Codes For Dofollow Link 

<a href=”https://etutorialblog.com”>etutorialblog</a>

<a href=”https://etutorialblog.com” rel=”dofollow”>etutorialblog</a>

<a href=”https://etutorialblog.com” rel=”external”>etutorialblog</a>

For supplementary details you must watch out the video tutorial. I am going to share in it each and every step for your ease in which you are going to learn how to identify these links through html code.

What Is Nofollow Link

Each link which contain Rel=”nofollow” HTML attribute is nofollow the attribute simply assist search engines to know more about the link. Whenever you found a little piece of code in your link i.e. Rel=”nofollow” it mean that the link is nofollow and these types of links does not impact the authority nor help you out to improve Seo ranking or visibility of your website.

Because rel nofollow tag is a noindex tag which has in fact a clear instruction for Search engines that do not try to index particular link.

By adding the above mentioned code for noindex crawlers simply ignore it and do not give any value nor pass link juice which cannot be prolific for batter ranking in search engines.

What Is Dofollow Link

It is a type of link which has a potential to improve the ranking and the credibility of your website in Google. By default every link is dofollow, link which does not contain Rel=”Nofollow” Attribute is dofollow and these are considered to be the most powerful links for any websites.

These links allow search engine to doindex and pass link juice which is indeed the most vital thing for webmasters.The credit goes to Google who introduces dofollow link in 2005 to deeply filter search engine results for spam indexing. Don’t forget to add your desired targeted keyword in anchor text.

Get Dofollow Backlink For Improving SEO

After reading the importance of dofollow and nofollow link every blogger is planning to find out the resources where they get a powerful backlink in shape of dofollow. Mostly bloggers are willing to link-building with high PR dofollow websites. Well there are number of ways for getting dofollow backlinks which can be more fruitful for improving the Seo of particular website or blog and get benefited from organic traffic.

After watching out the tutorial one can easily able to find blogs or websites that provide valuable links and you can easily link building with them. Mostly bloggers thinks that commentluv is the only source for getting these, keep one thing in your mind all commentluv enabled blogs are not giving you dfollow in fact most of them are nofollow.

So, you must try other ways like Guest Posting, Forum posting, Article directories in this regard.

Guest Blogging










Forum Posting





Article Submission







Web 2.0






Impact Of Buying Links

Along with dofollow and nofollow link another important thing which can help you to run your website safe in long run without the interference of Google algorithms. Keep yourself away from any kind of black hat seo techniques or buying links online because you can find many people who are offering on Fiverr and different social media platforms for the sake of selling dofollow links. Believe me whenever Google notice that you are involved in such activities your blog will be blacklisted.


Today i have tried to describe detailed information’s about dofollow and nofollow link. In which i have discuss about the difference between dofollow and nofollow link along with their impact. The video tutorial will be more helpful for you in this regard. do share it with your friends on social media. Waiting for your precious suggestions.

Muhammad Mairaj: Hello! My name is Muhammad Mairaj from Abbottabad, Pakistan. Founder of etutorialblog. An ardent blogger and Seo expert. Here I talk about Blogging, SEO, Affiliate marketing, Wordpress & Graphics. Find me on Facebook | Twitter | G+

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  • Hi Muhammad,

    Thanks for sharing. Your post just called my attention to the profile I created with ezinearticle. I think it's time to go dig out that account and post some reason things that will give me a dofollow link. I have about 17 nofollow link but the impact it's making on my search engine ranking isn't worth it.