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Easy Dodge And Burn Photoshop Tutorial

Dodge And Burn Photoshop
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

Well, today I would like to share with you the easy dodge and burn Photoshop tutorial, an incredible approach to present average portrait into a stunning piece of art by a little effort. Beginners are confused and they want to know more about dodge and burn in detail.

Difference Between Dodging and Burning

Dodging: Actually, the procedure of brightening pixels by using dodge tool is called dodging.

Burning: The procedure of darkening pixels in Photoshop by using burn tool is called burning.

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Indeed, dodge and burn Photoshop tools are convenient when individual wants to control the bright & contrast manually. Dodging and burning give our photo a new life. Actually, these remarkable tools P.S are convenient for adjusting the highlights and shadows in a tranquil and professional way.

Dodge And Burn Photoshop
Dodge Burn Photoshop Tutorial

If you ever noticed about fashion magazines and the photos of supermodels, you become surprised that they all look stunning. To improve the beauty of the portrait, Photoshop experts add some nice amount of contrast.

So, in this case, they lighten the pixels manually through P.S dodge tool, same like that they use burn tool for darkening the pixels. The remarkable part of this P.S trick is that individual can use dodge & burn on specific areas where needed to get the spectacular results.

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Well, dodge and burn are, in fact, a huge topic and people eagerly want to know how to dodge & burn perfectly. So, in this easy to follow P.S tutorial is good enough to learn the dodge and burn secret strategies instantly.

9 Easy Dodge And Burn Photoshop Steps

Step 1

Without wasting your precious time let’s move on our practical steps to complete dodge & burn Photoshop procedure. Open an image and click on Create a New Layer, press Shift + F5 on your keyboard. Fill Dialogue Box is open, use 50 % Gray as contents, leave other blending options and press Ok.

Step 2

Now fill gray color into your blank layer, and go for blending options. Once you did this part nicely. Fix the gray color layer through Overlay option which you can easily find in blending options.

Step 3

Select Dodge tool form the toolbar and apply these settings Range: Mid Tone >> Exposure: 17 % increase or decrease the brush size as per the highlights required.

Step 4

To improve the highlights manually, use dodge tool like that choose the brush and apply on different facial areas to complete the dodging part perfectly.

Step 5

Remove the gray color form eye and teeth for more prominent look of our subject. Now copy the 50 % gray layer once again and decrease the opacity little bit.

Step 6

Create a New Layer one more time >> Press Shift + F5 on your keyboard and choose 50 % gray option, set Blend Mode to Overlay. It’s time to choose Burn tool to deal with Shadows.

Step 7

For adding more beauty to our subject one can use the burn tool on the facial area where required. Watch out the whole video to understand dodge and burn technique Photoshop brilliantly.

Step 8

Once you apply burn tool on cheeks, forehead, jaw lines, ears, below nose, lips and neck areas. It’s time to darken the eye makeover by using the burn tool. Decrease the opacity up to 69 %.

Step 9

Create a New Group and move all the layers there and now adjust the opacity as I have shown in the video for enjoying the final result of your subject.


Guys I have explained dodging and burning P.S trick in 9 easy steps. All you need to do is replicate the same thing. If you find any difficulty share your problem in the comment section. I will be happy to resolve it.

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