Create Sparkling Text Effect In Photoshop – Easy Tutorial

In my earlier tutorials I have shared some vivacious text effects in which I have shown some great techniques about creating diamond text effect and how to effectively create Golden text effect in Photoshop. But in this tutorial you are going to learn sparkling text effect. This is an incredible text effect which looks vibrant and in fact very well-liked.

Sparkling text effect

So, I have explained you in an extremely uncomplicated way that how to create sparkling text effect in Photoshop. Creating Sparkling text effect is fun just a few steps can make it easy for everyone to create striking text effect without any uncertainty or hesitation.

I have created an absolute video tutorial for your ease, just follow the tutorial. You can use this cool Sparkling text effect in your logos, web banners, business cards, posters, Brouchers and much more for adding more beauty in your projects.

Step 1

Open Photoshop and create New File with same preset: Width: 1280 Pix >> Height: 720 Pix >> Resolution:  72 Pix/inch >> Color Mode: RGB Color 8 bit >> Background Contents: >> White >> Press Ok.

Step 2

With the help of Paint Bucket Tool (G) fill Black color in your canvas and activate Horizontal Type Tool (T) for writing appropriate text make sure your text color is white. Increase the font as per your demand.

Step 3

For centralizing your text press Ctrl+A on your keyboard and then click on Align vertical centers and Align Horizontal centers and Press Ctrl+D for Deselect.

Step 4

Right click on Text layer for Rasterizing Layer and choose Gradient Tool for creating your desired Gradient. I’ll explain each step in detail. So, must watch out the complete video.

Step 6

When you choose the right colors for your gradient then you are in need to select your Text layer by pressing Ctrl key and drag your mouse by clicking top left corner to bottom right corner and Press Ctrl+D.

Step 7

Copy Text layer one more time and also Create a new blank layer. Now go to Filter Menu >> Render Clouds and set them on Color Dodge.

Step 8

Choose copied text layer and go to Filter Menu one more time and go to Blur >> Gaussain Blur and set Radius Pixels like I have explained.

Step 9

For adding more beauty in my effect I’ll quickly go to add sparklers. In my case I have used a pre created pattern which one can easily find on internet and use it accordingly. After opening your pattern you are in need to place it on most promising places for adding more beauty. Use it with different sizes and directions.

Step 10

Erase unwanted areas simply through eraser tool you can adjust the eraser size as per your requirements and needs, make sure that you have to select screen option from your layer panel.


Today’s tutorial is all about sparkling text effect. I have tried to compose it in a very simplest way. So, that everyone can easily grab the techniques contained in it. If you like this piece of content do share it with your friends on different social media plates like Google +, Facebook , Pinterest and Twitter as well.

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  1. HI mairaj sir
    Indeed a nice tutorial. I like this design.
    I am not a pro in photoshop and still learning how to do things with photoshop.
    I must say, i am thankful to you for making me aware of interesting things about photoshop.

    • Hi Vashishtha,

      Welcome and nice to see you once again on ETB. Well i am trying to share some thing unique and interesting on my blog in shape of video tutorials. This is in fact an easy tutorial regarding sparkling text effect by following these simple steps one can create this cool text effect instantly and effectively.

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        • Hi Amit,

          First of all thank you so much for sharing your lovely thoughts about this Photoshop tutorial post about Sparkling text effect.

          Keep in touch with Etutorialblog for more awesome tutorials.



  2. Hi Mairaj
    Glad to watch your video explaining everything. I am totally a noob to photoshop and your blog is helping me a lot to do some effects and designs.
    Thanks for sharing your video. It helps more than a article. 🙂


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