How to Use Article to Create Relationship With Readers

As a blogger, you always try best to find out the ways to build relationship with readers. The main tool, you used to interact with reader is article.

I read a lot of blog posts about writing quality content and readers’ engaged articles. I saw lots of bloggers are focusing educational article, SEO content, social media interaction, and else.

It’s a piece discussion of creating relationship between a readers and writer. Also, I prefer to write a similar topic to who interested in engaging readers through using blog post.

I’ve got 4 tips helps you to create relationship with readers through your blog content.

Create Relationship With Readers

#1 – Write To Make Potential

You want to make people fall in love with your blog, right…?

You first need to ask yourself a question, why do people love reading your article?

It’s a simple…, lots of bloggers wrote about these. The answer, your post educated your readers and it teaches them better experience.

Yeah…! Of course, it’s so simple — the people love to learn new and unique experience.

I’m the same to your reader. I went online and find out the unique articles from other bloggers because I want to improve myself.

I’m trying to read the article even I don’t like reading, sometimes. I have to improve my skills, it’s a requirement of business.

The blogs those I love are CopyBlogger, Entrepreneurs, RebekahAdvices, AdrienneSmith, and Forbes.

You know, why do I love these above mentioned blogs?

There are lots of entrepreneurs, bloggers, and successors contributed the articles over there, on these blogs.The articles always make sense me what to do better job.

I subscribed these blogs and to become a regular reader. I’m not the only one who loves these blogs, but lots of people too —I saw lots of readers are enjoying and talking about…

Could you guess why these blogs build relationship with readers so well?

…of course!You said right, I guessed.

These blogs spent lots of budget for hiring expert copywriters and journalist to write articles for them. They accepted articles from contributors, but only famous writers and quality articles.

They’re serious in providing high quality contents to reader. The opportunity behind science is they did well potential marketing strategies.

They’re good at solving readers’ problems and make potential their business. They became more popular authority, many people trust what they said.

See, you can create relationship with readers unless you do understand the reader’ issues, and then offer them the right solutions.

They’ll appreciate your help and always talk about you.

How could I write that quality content…?

I’ve got no answer…, the damn..!

You write for your readers and to solve their problems. The one who should answer your question is your reader, and not me.

My recommendation is to conduct readers’ needs assessments, and asked them what they want to learn from your blog. Or what exact problem they’re facing in the current business processes.

You can email your readers if anything you could help for the issues. Or you can conduct readers’ survey to identify their problems.

Once, you find out the problems, and then offer the solutions.

#2 – You Must Talk Directly To Reader

I saw bloggers did mistakes because they’re writing to their reader.

I’m not a native English and good writer. It’s a bit embarrassing to discuss how to write better in English.

Whatever, I have to talk about it. I’m not mentioning about grammar writing, but the blog post writing…

When I first started writing web content, I really sucked with poor writing skill because I have less knowledge of English and essay writing.

I’d admit that I did a mistake — it isn’t what I should worry of…

Writing style and grammar is significantly important for blogging, but your idea is much more important.You mustn’t write to your readers, but you must talk direct to them.

How can I talk to my reader…? You asked.

May be you should ask them for phone call or something…, Ah! I’m kidding you

As I mentioned above, blogger, you’re using blog post as way to interact your readers. So, you have to make readers feel like you’re talking to them while they’re reading your post…

Write voice and tones is mostly tactics help to do so,

I’m not copywriter, but a blogger. I didn’t clearly know what write voice exactly is, but I only know it’s a technique to make reader feel like you’re talking.

The ways for great write voice is to write as you’re talking to your readers, the thing should keep in minds is “You” and “I”.

You have to imagine, you’re talking with a reader, what words you will use in typical situations.

You must write informal language such as “I’m” instead of “I am”, “you’re” instead of “You are”.

Using of questions in your article helps to attract readers’attention and make them feel you’re talking with…, there are many else techniques of write voice.

The best recommendation is to learn more.

Another fact is write tone. I’m not exactly understood the difference between write voice and write tone. Again, I’m sorry

Write tone is some kind of techniques to explain your emotional feeling to reader. It makes readers feel they’re listening to you.

The best techniques of writing tone is to think about the emotional feeling when,

  • You’re sad
  • You’re anger
  • You’re happy
  • You’re surprise
  • And Else

Imagine you’re in the above emotional situation what words you will use to talk in your conversation.

The best practice of write voice and tone is to print out your article and read it. You can use audio recorder to record your reading, and then play it.

Listen to your reading, if it sounds like you’re talking — you done it right.

But if it isn’t…, you’ll have to note down what are wrong and try to use another words.You have to edit it, and repeat the step again and again until it sounds like you’re talking.

#3 – Tell Them Some Stories

The story is wonderful tool to attract human emotion. There are millions people spent hundred million dollars for buying story books, dramas, and others.

The great story writers become famous persons, and there were lots of readers love to know them — they want to hear stories from those writers.

Sometimes, they are better than pop music super start…, thought.

You know, why…?

The people love to listen to story — it’s a human being.

The people love reading and listen to what they never knew. If you’re a good story teller, you’ll have lots of readers love to connect with you.

Are you a good story teller?

Said “Yes”, it’s great!

But if you said “No”, I’ll recommend improve your story telling skill.

There are so many ways you can learn about how to tell a story to others.The basic way of storytelling is to know lots of stories.

I’d admit that sometimes I was sucked of telling story to my readers, what next I did.

Spending my time for reading, yeah..! I did that.

I visited local bookshops and find some dramas related to business, and self-motivation. I read it, and I wrote about it.

Meanwhile, I asked my friends about life during the period of time that I never talk to them. If I could learn from the story, I wrote…

The most favorite story is my mistakes, I always wrote about myself and any mistakes I did.

I’d admit that I afraid of writing about my mistakes before, but I changed after I learn from blogging. Your stories help you a lot to build relationship with readers.

Readers love to listen the real stories happened to specific person of real life.

Whatever your stories, it’s a good or bad experience; you must share it to your readers because they’ll love to listen you.

In other word, writing own stories is really amazing for blogger—you could present yourself and make your readers enjoy.

#4 – Ask For Their Opinions

Asking for opinions from your readers is great way to create relationship with readers. I’ll tell the common and secret habits of people — they love listening, learning, and sharing.

The visitors came to read your blog post and they learnt from you. They’ll be happier if they’re able to communicate and discuss interested topics with others, especially you.

Your best way is to write your post as a group discussion article, and let your readers know that they’re able to share back opinion or discuss what they’re wondering.

You have to tell them where to leave back opinion, how they could do it.

Perhaps some of your readers got some opinions about your article, but they afraid in sharing those. They’re worrying nobody will interest the opinion or maybe they’re shy.

You must attracted those readers to leave back the opinions, you have to leave yours first and then ask from them.

Readers are now able to communicate with you through your article. Don’t you think that now you both are closer?

Yeah…! You’re both friend now.

Listening is pretty way to create relationship with readers, but it isn’t the completed process.

Imagine you got a question, and you asked a friend for advice but you got nothing from him. Maybe you aren’t so happy with your friend, isn’t it..?

Your readers are same to you, they won’t so happy if you didn’t respond back to what they’re wondering…

Hence, you should quick and careful in responding back to your reader.

You must publish any tips related to your readers’ problems, or sent them direct email to discuss and help them to solve the problems.

You have to gather related resources to improve accurate solution. It’s a brilliant idea to build relationship with readers. I mentioned it above —the potential marketing.

There is a bit complication between potential and relationship marketing, but both of these are working well for interacting readers.


Blogging for business isn’t all about writing, but it’s more than writing. You have to take care of your business, maintain relationship between your customers and your business.

The content is mostly use for marketing the business and interacts with readers, but just writing content isn’t enough for doing the business.

You have to integrate many techniques into your post to fulfill the purposes of content marketing.

The few things you should keep in minds are to create better relationship and build potential business — to provide quality articles and best solutions to your readers.

You’ll receive high classified successful business if you’re good at manage, maintain, and create relationship with readers.

Remembers!  Whatever you write for your blog, you have to put your head under readers’ shoes—to know what they need from you.

Do Me A Favor

I wrote post and shared new knowledge to other people because blogging is my habit, I’m addicted.

I hope you enjoy the above tips and get benefits from these. Also I’ll be happier if more people could learn and benefits from my article.

If so, I’ll try my best to more valued topics and articles. So, there is nothing big of my favor. It is,

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  • Hi Kimsea!
    Yes, you said that right.
    biz blogging is not all about writing. It becomes much more than writing when you’re writing for money or business.
    He who earn money via blogging must be called as a Probiz blogging. Not alone Problogger. That’s my thinking.
    And finally, Awesome post brother.
    Have a nice day

    • Vashishtha, first I’d love to thanks for your comment.

      Sure, you said right..! He would be called Probiz blogging. I’ll use that word next time.

      Well, blogging is more then writing. You’ll need to learn many thing and do many job. However, those are all what you love. I thought…

      Finally, I want to let you know that I’m glade to hear that you love the post..

      Have nice weekend

  • Hi Kimsea,

    First of all a warm welcome to you here at etutorialblog and share your nice guest post. Which is very useful for bloggers because in start everyone is little bit confuse that how to write article which attract readers. Infact here i must say you have done a great job again by creating this epic post. Hope you’ll continue your journey of blogging with same potential.

    • Hey, bro…!

      I’m the same to you…, thanks for giving opportunity to published the guest post here…

      Attracting reading is really important for encourage them to read the article and return to the blog. However, you’ll need to create the relationship in amount of your readers.

      It’s the most important for blogging…! I’m glade to hear that you love the post…!

  • Hi Kimsea and Mairaj,
    Good to read this wonderful post. 🙂
    Yes, Relationship with your readers is the Key here in blogging for that matter A good relationship can play a great role in your success in any venture, But coming to the blogging arena it matters a lot.
    Thanks for bringing such good thoughts and points thru this post at Mairaj’s page.
    Thanks Mairaj for the intro of Kimsea.
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    • Hi Philip,

      First of all a very warm welcome to you here at my blog. Its very encouraging that the intellectual blogger like you share his nice views in shape of this lovely comment. It is a big source of encouragement to me to keep working with same passion. No doubt relationship with your readers plays a very imperative role in blogging.

    • Hey, Philip..! Thanks for always commented on my post..!

      You know..? I visited your blog variety times and I found that you have a lot of wonderful as well…

      Sure, you said right…! The relationship is significant important for blogging. It’d be an epic weapon to fight with other bloggers. You’ll be easier to success your business if you done well with relationship manage..

      I’d admit that the post is a piece of ways to build relationship with readers, but you may need to find more ways…

      Finally, I want to let you know that I’m really appreciate your comment here..

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