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How To Create Photoshop Crack Effect On Face – Easy Tutorial

Photoshop crack effect
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

These are some momentous things which you’ll have to do for immediately creating Photoshop crack effect. I’ll try my best to explicate the entire process in a more appropriate way in the shape of step by step tutorial post as well as a video guide. So, everyone will take maximum benefit from it.

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Guys, today’s post is all about cracked skin Photoshop tutorial which is indeed an excellent Photoshop effect which you have already seen on several times in different horror Hollywood movies. So, now I am going to demonstrate how to make this Photoshop crack effect immediately.

Photoshop crack effect

One can apply this astounding effect on many ways. I am going to use it on a human face which looks amazing. Photoshop crack effect is very easy to create; all you need to do is follow our simple steps to make it by yourself easily and effectively. SO, let’s move on for creating face crack effect.

Easy Photoshop Crack Effect Tutorial 

Step No. 1

First of all, you are in need to create a new custom page of 1280 x 720 Pixels. You can specify any size according to your requirements; Resolution: must be 72 Pixels/inch, Color Mode: RGB 8 Bit with a transparent background.

Step No. 2

Open any image in Photoshop, I have used an image of a model with a pretty face. Before going into further details unlock this layer and remove the image background.

Step No. 3

To make this effect more appealing I am quickly going to apply realistic cracks on skin. For this, I required an image with lots of cracks. One can find it on the internet very easily. Drag that texture on your main layer and enlarge its size simply by pressing Ctrl + T on your keyboard.

Give appropriate position and reduce the Opacity up to 47 %. Once you did this part properly then set Blend Mode to Multiply.

Step No. 4

Next step is to play with Levels. Go to Image Menu >> Adjustments >> Levels or hit Ctrl + L on your keyboard. Watch out the whole video if you want to know the actual values which I have used in Levels section to create this Photoshop crack face effect.

Step No. 5

Now I am going to remove the unnecessary part which is outer from the face portion. So, I just selected my crack layer and Add a Layer Mask to it. Then right click on this layer and choose Create Clipping Mask option to remove the extra portion which is outer form the face area.

Step No. 6

Choose soft brush >> Mode Normal >> Opacity 100 % >> Foreground Color Black and adjust the brush size as per your requirement. After that slightly move that brush on lips area to clean that part from cracks and then eyes, eyelashes, and hair as well.

Step No. 7

If you have mistakenly use the brush on the area where you do not want to use it and you want to quickly fix it up. Guys don’t panic go with same settings along with same brush but a little change is required from your end. Change Foreground color to White hit X on your keyboard and move it to that area where you want a quick fix.

Step No. 8

If you want to provide more detail and make your Photoshop crack effect more realistic then you should use this little trick for better results. Make sure you have selected the face layer and then choose Burn Tool from the toolbar.

Step No. 9

Adjust the brush size Range: must be Highlights >> Exposure: 35% after completed the same settings slightly move the brush on those cracks which you need to highlight further. For the more prominent look of your, Photoshop crack effect.


These are in fact, the whole steps which make it easy for folks to accomplish this Photoshop crack effect tutorial very easily. Do share your thoughts and views about face Photoshop manipulation crack effect in the comment section and don’t forget to share it on social media platforms.

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  • Great tutorial, I think I’m a great fan of photoshop and I love try new effects like the above one. Will certainly try this effect too.


    • Hi Adam,

      Thanks for appreciating this amazing Photoshop effect. Follow all the simple steps which I have shown in the Video tutorial, which help you out to accomplish this astounding photoshop effect instantly without any difficulty.

      Once again thanks for your lovely comment, Keep visiting our blog for further updates 🙂



    • Hi Rajkumar,

      I have tried to explain the whole steps in shape of video which make it easy for beginners also, to make this cool Photoshop effect without any problem.

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