Create Diamond Text Effect In Photoshop – Easy Tutorial

Creating diamond text effect is not as much difficult as you think in Photoshop. Just couple of blending features will helps you to make amazing text effect instantly, and the right use and combination of blending features will amaze you. You can simply create thousands of best text effect in Photoshop. I have also included a diamond text tutorial for your ease but it’s obligatory for you to read the whole article at least one time and follow each and every step for creating this amazing sparkling diamond text effect.

How To Install Fonts In Photoshop Instantly

Before creating diamond text effect you are in need to have dynamic font called Fortuna Dot. If it is already available and installed in your PC then ok other wise you’ll have to download this font on Fontzone.net. If you don’t have any idea how to download and install fonts then you must watch out the below video tutorial.

Open Fontzone.net in your browser search Fortuna Dot and click on Download Fill out the Captcha to download it.

Step 1:

Creating diamond text effect in Photoshop, you require appropriate settings. Open Photoshop Program for required settings, set the Width: on 1200 Pix, Height: 600 Pix, Resolution: 72 Dpi, Color Mode: RGB 8 bit, Background Contents: White.

Step 2:

After that set Foreground Color to color Black and fill it on your background layer with the help of Paint Bucket Tool and to unlock your BG layer simply by double clicking on Lock. Go to Blending Options >> Layer Style >> Gradient Overlay >> Style Radial and check Reverse Option, your Angle should be 0 >> Scale 110 % Press Ok.

Now make a new layer and Go to Create New Fill Or Adjustment Layer Option and Choose Solid Color : Black, your Opacity should be around 73 % then go to Blending Options >> Layer Style >> Texture and choose any text according to your own choice, you can also play with its Scale to increase or decrease texture and then Press Ok.

Step 3:

Write Text by using Horizontal Type Tool make sure your text color is # C2BCBC and make a New Copy of your Text Layer, go to Fill option and set them on 0 %. Once again go to Blending Options >> Layer Style >> Bevel and Emboss, your Size should be around 11 px, Gloss Contour: Ring check Anti-aliased option, Highlight Mode: Vivid Light, Your Shadow Mode: color is # a6a6a6 click Ok.

In your Layer Style choose Contour check anti-aliased Range 25 % after completing this click on Texture: and choose Herring bone. Now click on Pattern Overlay: Choose Metal Landscape set Opacity: 60 % add Drop Shadow >> Distance: 15 px Spread: 14 % Size 13 px and then Ok.

Step 4:

Now you need to repeat few of these affects but this time on original text layer not a copied text layer. Go to Blending options one more time click on Bevel and Emboss >> Technique: Chisel Hard unchecked Use Global Light, Angle: 84, Altitude: 52, Size 10 px, Contour Gloss: Ring, checked anti-aliased again and Opacity should be 0 % this time.

Under neath Bevel & Emboss, there is another option called contour click on that ticked on anti-aliased and press ok button.

Add Sparkling Effect

After completing the whole process, its time to add sparkling effect on your diamond text effect which makes more realistic touch. So, you can find different types of sparklers in different shape on internet i have already find few of them. Just open it and move it to the project file. Pressing Ctrl+T on your keyboard and adjust its size as per your demand and make few copies of same layer. Finally, position these sparklers, once done, your diamond text effect is ready to rock.


Today’s tutorial is based on an easy approach to create this type of cool text effect. Do read and see this post and if you find it useful do share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus etc. 

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