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Convert Low To High Resolution In Photoshop (2 Minutes Tutorial)

Convert Low To High Resolution In Photoshop
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

Learn how to convert low to high resolution in Photoshop. If you have an image that contains various issues like its blurry, faded and the size of a particular image is also very small. Hence your first intent is to repair the image quality but once you start the enlargement process the pixels are exposed. 

Convert Low To High Resolution In Photoshop

Convert Low To High Resolution In Photoshop

Consequently, the terrific key to solving this query is Photoshop. With the help of renowned Photoshop spectacular graphics software, individuals can easily tackle and convert low to high resolution in Photoshop. First of confirming the size and resolution of a meticulous image.

What is Resolution?

I elaborate resolution in a very plain, easy to understand lingo. Through resolution graphics, the software manages the quality of an image. The additional PPI – Pixel per Inch in resolution augment the quality of the image. This means the result is extra fine, sharper and detailed.

On the other hand as the Low resolution, may cause the distortion and pixelation in the image. Possibly your upshot is irresolute and weak.

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Have you ever noticed small images, whenever you want to enlarge it for some reason there is a clear disturbance in (PPI) Pixel Per Inch and you can clearly analyze it in the shape of pixilation. This immediate 2 minutes tutorial is good enough to revive low-quality Images and increase image resolution.

Keep in mind every photo is different from others so, the result varies image to image. One cannot attain or fix 100 percent. But definitely, one can get better or perk up with this trick.

Another important thing is whenever you need to capture photos from your camera adjust the image size first. Furthermore, if you want to scan images try to scan with more DPI. Because when you increase the DPI you’ve got the quality prints result.

What Are PPI And DPI

I am trying to expound the major difference between PPI and DPI because still people are confused and they want to know what is PPI and what is DPI.

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Actually, PPI stands for Pixels per inch which helps us to control the image resolution for adding more clarity in our digital image. On the other hand, DPI stands for Dots per inch which delineates the ratio of ink dots for actual printing objective.

Convert Low To High Resolution In Photoshop In 2 Minutes

Step 1

First, of open image in Photoshop, turn on the Zoom tool by pressing (Z) short key on your keyboard. At this moment, zooms your image couple of times. Now keep concentrating the more you zoom your object the more pixels are exposed.

Step 2

Make a copy of the Main layer go to >> Image Menu and click on >> Image Size and increase the Resolution up to 600 Pixels/Inch. Make sure Scale Styles >> Constrain Proportions and Resample Image options are ticked.

Step 3

Let’s move on to our next step. From the drop-down list choose Bicubic Smoother (best for enlargement) and press on Ok. Wow, the size of the object is increased nicely with improved pixels quality.

Now go to Filter Menu >> Other >> High Pass adjust the Radius up to 9.5 Pixels and Press Ok. One can obtain a radius setting as per the requirement of our image.

Step 4

To remove the extra gray color set Blend Mode to Vivid Light which helps you to enhance the image quality Right-click on your copied layer and click on Merge Down Option

Step 5

Again go to Filter Menu >> Blur >> Surface Blur and choose Radius >> 17 Pixels. In my case, the Threshold levels percentage is 15 Click on Ok. Surfaces blur filter straight away applied to your image within a few seconds.


Now compare before and after. My objective is to provide spectacular information that eradicates your problems in photo editing. I hope this tutorial is helpful to convert low to high resolution in Photoshop. Guys whenever you are in need to improve the image quality follow this simple trick. Ask your queries in the comments.

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