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Change Hair Color In Photoshop (Complete Video Tutorial)

change hair color in photoshop
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

Well today I come up with a new and very stunning tutorial which is about to change hair color in Photoshop. In graphic designing colors matter a lot, the right selection of the color combination makes new life of your design. In our learning session I’ll show you the complete way that how you can easily apply multiple colors on hair which looks natural.

change hair color in photoshop

All you need to do is just follow me. Basically this is the continuation of previous tutorial which is about Digital Makeover in Photoshop. If you feel any problem with reading this post then you can watch the video which I have also added for the ease of our blog readers for better understanding.

As you all know that hair are the most important element in our personality. In fact everyone is pretty much conscious about his/her hair. Beautiful hair plays a significant role to boost your personality and look. Most of the ladies are use to of applying different types of dyes on their hair for looking more beautiful and some of them want to go for streaking.

Change of hair color in Photoshop would be a wonderful technique to have all the information at same place. So without wasting time let’s get start.

The very beginning step is to open Photoshop along with your desire image then copy your original layer after that select Brush tool adjust its size according to the need of that specified area and then apply Quick Mask on hair.

Next step is to click on the left Edit in standard Mode Q button then go to Select Menu and choose Inverse (Shift+Ctrl+I)

Then go to Layer Menu >> New Fill Layer >> Solid Color a new window is open in front of you go to Mode and change it to Soft Light and press ok

Choose a desire color which suits your image and gives natural look. Choosing right color takes some time for better result. After selecting the color press ok.

Now your next step is to remove extra color which has been applied on your skin during giving suitable color to your hair. To do this you need to select Erase tool and slightly move eraser where needed.

Now to give a shiny look to hair, select Dodge tool set the brush size Range: Highlights >> Exposure: 33% and slightly apply on hair.

How To Change Hair Color In Photoshop

How to Change hair Color In Photoshop by etutorialblog

Adding multiple colors is also a fantastic idea which has ability to change the look of your hair nearly professional. To do this make a new layer and select a brush tool and some color and draw few colorful lines with different colors on hair.

Go to Filter Menu >> Blur >> Gaussian Blur set its radius up to 10.5 and press ok then change Layer mode on Overlay and adjust its opacity on 68% or as per demand of your project.  Make a new layer and repeat the same action again for final result.


I hope you will enjoy this tutorial. In this tutorial I have mentioned some useful techniques to change hair color in Photoshop through which you can easily change the color of hair. Please do share your innovative ideas in comment section. And don’t forget to share with others.

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