How To Create Broken Text Effect Photoshop Instantly – Easy Tutorial

This is another splendid guide of creating broken text effect Photoshop. Most of the newbie’s are mystified while creating broken text effect Photoshop. The reason is they might think that they can use only few types of grunge textures to create this type of text effect. So, I am here to clear related mystification’s and doubts.

Broken text effect Photoshop

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Well as you can observe I made a little change in my text. I’ll show you how to maintain the beauty of your broken text effect. Well keep one thing in your mind you can use any texture but its beauty depends on the selection of your texture. So, if you know the art of choosing right texture for your text then you’ll get better results.

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In my project I am using sparkling texture because I am pretty much sure that the result is more eye-catching than others. Do concentrate on this amazing tutorial in which I have explained each and every step in detail that how you can create broken text effect Photoshop nicely and effectively.

Step 1

First of all you are in need to Open Photoshop program. Go to File Menu >> New and give appropriate dimensions. In my case I give 1280 x 720 Pixels as Width and Height, Resolution 72 DPI, Color Mode RGB 8 bit, Background Contents: Transparent.

Step 2

Fill Black Color on your Background Layer with the help of Paint Bucket Tool and click on Horizontal Type Tool and write some text for creating broken text effect Photoshop, Make sure the color of your text is white.

Step 3

The font which you have chosen to create this fabulous text effect is Batman Forever Alternative. Next step is to centralize your text. So, click on your Text Layer and Press Ctrl + A on your keyboard and Align Vertical and Horizontal centers as I have explained in my video tutorial.

Step 4

Right click on your Text Layer and choose Rasterize Layer. Select Polygonal Lasso Tool for creating broken text effect Photoshop practically. Try to make selection in a way that it looks like a real crack. So, after completing the selection with the help of Move Tool try to move a little bit for more realistic look of that effect.

Step 5

Same process will be applied for each alphabet for multiple time as per your text demand but the cracks you are making must be different from each other in sizes and shapes. Now select your text layer and choose Magic Wand Tool for selecting each crack which you have created and copy your text Layer simply by pressing Ctrl + J on your Keyboard.

Step 6

Drop Shadow

By using Layer Styles I am now going to add Drop Shadow >> Blend Mode Multiply >> Color Black >> Opacity 82 % >> Distance 16 PX >> Spread 12 % Size 14 PX  

Step 7

Outer Glow

Blend Mode >> Normal, Opacity >> 100 %, Color >> Black, Element >> Spread 28 %, Size 13 PX and then Press OK on your keyboard.

Step 8

Now it’s time to add our desired texture. Well I am using glittering texture but you can use any type of texture according to your own will and need. So, Once again go to File Menu and click on Open to choose appropriate texture from the list.

Step 9

Once you open it simply drag it to your project file and enlarge texture by clicking Ctrl + T. For transformation make sure your layer is on top of all layers and set the Blend Mode on Multiply >> Opacity is around 89 %

Step 10

It’s time to add Sparklers so, I am quickly going to open suitable texture which I have already saved in my computer and used in my project. Drag it on my broken text effect, increase its size and change blend Mode to Screen and now create multiple copies of this sparkler and use it on different places with different variations which gives your text more value and its look vibrant.


This is in fact a fantastic tutorial for creating stunning broken text effect in Photoshop. Which contains 10 easiest steps, by following these one can easily create this type of cool text effect. If you like this piece of content do share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

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