Why Bloggers Fail To Make Money Online

to make money
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

Mostly bloggers are fail to make money online because of lack of knowledge regarding SEO & Blogging. Google started his journey on 03 september 1998. At that time till now they made some important changes in its algorithms. So, you should aware with these changing time by time. And your blog should be updated with the new SEO strategies then you are warm welcome in the world of blogging. Otherwise you are no more part of this game.

to make money

Chemistry Between Content Writing And Blogging

First of all I need to clear your mind which is very important that there remains no confusion at all. There are many definitions regarding blogging. The main aim of bloggers is to write articles which are informative and helpful for the community in which they share some unique ideas. Try to choose nice words and images to shape out your blog. People like the quality content. Some peoples are bit confused that they created a blog and want to make money more and more in short time. Blogging and SEO are the games of mind. If you choose right strategies on right time then you are hero and if you go wrong then it will be multiply with zero and all of your hard work and effort will be ineffectual.

Poor Template Design

Most of the new bloggers concentrate on promoting website through different methods like Top Facebook marketing ideas as well as different backlinks building strategies. Believe me all aspects are needed in balance way. If you want to become successful blogger your website design should be SEO friendly and eye-catching. The poor design is a hurdle in your way which fails you to make money online.

Implementing Wrong SEO Strategies

Wrong SEO strategies never give you any position in major search engines. By doing so they can penalize your website. This is very harmful for your blogging activity so be aware. My opinion is to create website in WordPress which covers almost Seo by the help of its best Seo WordPress plugins for blogging. You need to add meta description, meta name and keywords for your website or blog. Meta description plays an important role in search engines. By doing this search engine easily locates the post with the help of description and this will show in search results which is a very considerable source of organic traffic.

Hard To Access Your Blog

Proper planning is the key of success. Before creating your website choose kind of templates or design which is user friendly and easy to use. If your design is hard to navigate and not seo friendly then you can’t get the organic traffic referred by search engines. If the visitors visit your website and they find it difficult to fully access your blog or website they leave your website at once. By doing this you have to face the bounce rate problem.

Bad Writing Skills

According to the new changes in Seo and Google updates, you need to be familiar with article writing which is fully Seo optimized. There is no chance of grammatically and spell mistakes. Your focused keyword should be in the title of your post as well as in 1st para of your article. You also have need to use headings for separation of paragraphs. Using Alt tag for images which is also beneficial for organic traffic referred by major search engines. The biggest failure through which your blog does not able to make money online is that most of the new recruits have faced alote of problems in English means they are not familiar with English. This is not a big problem which cannot be resolved if you never give up and join English courses to cover all your shortcomings then definitely you can write quality content by yourself.

Criticism And Spam Comments

When you create a blog everyone visits and left their comments on your blog. Some are positive while others are not in your favour because of professional jealously , personal grudge and some are spams. Never dis heart with such types of negative remarks. Always welcome their criticism with a smile and try to become better and better by their negative comments. And also use Akismet plugin to avoid spam comments of your blog.

Having Greed For Promoting Different Blogs At A Time

Mostly newbies haven’t any idea about blogging. They run 2 or 3 blogs at a time and can’t give enough time and concentration required by a blog. They puzzled in 2 or 3 unrelated topics and can’t cover even one very clearly. Such thing is very bad for blogging. Always run 1 blog with your full concentration and focused only on that topic after its success you can make another blog but can’t paid fully attention at different blogs at a time.


In this article i am trying to explain different reasons through which a blogger cannot succeed to make money online through blogging. Avoid these mistakes as much as possible then no one can stop you to be successful.

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