Which Black Hat Seo Techniques Should Be Avoided In Blogging

black hat seo techniques
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

Whenever someone talks about Search engine optimization its two categories always come under talk i.e. Black hat and white hat Seo. Through these categories everyone has to cover its journey of blogging. It depends on the blogger that which category he uses as a path. As you all know there are always two paths in life the first one is although long, self controlled, stoicism and legal but has huge success at the end. While the other one is short, fake, tricky and totally illegal through which you can get your goal in short period of time but do not has long term success. Same like Seo the first path is White hat while the other is Black hat.

black hat seo techniques

In this article I will discuss that what is black hat, what are black hat seo techniques , how it effects your blog and how these are totally ruinous for your blogging career. As the word black shows dark and is mostly standing for bad term. So, black hat term is mostly use in movies for the evil-doers or for the scoundrel guys. Same like in this field it is used for those who misuse the techniques of computer e.g its hackers, wrong doers, virus creators and for those who do wicked actions in this field.

What Is Black Hat Seo

As I have mentioned above that it is totally the wrong term Seo. Many bloggers use it to increase Google Page Rank of their blogs in SERP. It means that the users of black hat take no notice of others, just ignore them as well as Google algorithms and puts totally negative effect on others because it only focused the Seo and has no reverence for the users. Such people work only for the sake of money whether it comes from fake ways. So, in this scenario they disobey the rules and policies of all major search engines. They practiced such techniques through which they can ranked well for some time in Google but as we all know it has some very powerful weapons these are its algorithms  they have ability to detects these kind of activities and in result such websites  or blogs are banned from all search engines.


It is a kind of black hat seo techniques which often uses to cheat the search engines with the help of content. Such websites or blogs which use this technique show double content one for the visitors only which couldn’t be indexed by the search crawlers while for the search spiders they have totally different content with heavy keywords, various descriptions as well as titles. It is mostly used in flash websites. Through this technique your website will be banned by search engines.

Article Spinning

Such technique is very popular among black hat seo techniques now a days. This tech is done with the help of such softwares through which you can spin an article easily. In this spinning process the original words of an article are replaced by the synonyms which is not easy to understand for the visitors. Such articles are used only for search engines to show the size of content. It reduces the original quality of real article. It also loses the original beauty of words made by human mind and only present mechanical words. Because when a webmaster writes an article he tries to use such keywords which could be easily linked with previous articles to make the up ranking of his website or blog in Google search engine. While in spinning its very difficult for the interlinking with previous posts.

Stuffing Of Keywords

In black hat seo techniques keywords stuffing is in fact very common in use through which webmasters create a webpage with adding a number of different keywords. These are irrelevant with the actual content but are fixed in such manner that search engine considers that these are relevant to the content. Such keywords are hidden from the users but the phrases are shown in index so the search engine crawls swiftly on such websites or blogs but it is very dangerous for blogging activity.

Doorway Pages

Doorway pages are the type of black hat seo techniques which are made just to deceive the search engine crawlers for the sake of high ranking. Basically these pages are very low and below average pages which make the users annoy because they redirect them to the totally different pages, even it takes away the users from the website they want to access. Except that it takes the user on other websites with the help of repeated keywords. It is also known as spamdexing.

Link Farming

Link farming is actually a solid way to cheat Google in black hat seo techniques. This technique works by a group of websites those hyperlinks with each other for just increasing their ranks. Search engines always consider the popularity of websites with their links so when they see a lot of links from such websites which have already hyperlinks with each other they consider that website in high ranking. But now with the passage of time Google enhances its algorithms which will detect soon such fake hyperlinks and such websites or blogs can be blocked. So, never use such links in excess.

Getting Fake Traffic

As I have mentioned in above para that search engines consider those websites who have very popular and have good Alexa traffic rank and it is only possible when your website has good amount of traffic. So, for this purpose to bring fake traffic from different IPs are very common now a days which is one of the well known tech among black hat seo techniques. In this method some IPs are getting from different sources and make fake ways to boost the blog traffic. In this way they will even get huge amount of traffic on a very new blog or website which is nearly impossible and if Google catches such websites then it takes no time to ban them.


There are many other techs but i have mentioned some Black hat Seo techniques which are very quick in response but if you are detected by Google then these wrong techniques will penalized your website or banned them and if once your website will be banned then no one can help you to appear again in SERPs. So, I will suggest you that if any one of you uses one of such techs please please stop doing this because you will be surely detected by Google and that will be the end of your blogging career. There are many other good and legal ways to boost up your ranking among them White hat Seo is very reliable and has long term success. In my next article I will share with you the best and easy to use white hat techniques so keep in touch and share your precious feed backs in comment section.

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