An Interview With Nisha Pandey Flourishing Blogger From India

Interview With Nisha Pandey
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

Well I am so excited to host an interview with Nisha Pandey, she is a well known and flourishing blogger from India. Due to her extra ordinary passion towards blogging. She made it possible to raise her blog one of the top most blogs of India. Let us know few more things about her.

Interview With Nisha Pandey

First of all a short introduction about yourself as well as your blog?

Hello! Before I say anything about myself, I would like to thank you for having me on your blog. As a blogger it’s a really gratifying experience to meet new readers.

Well, I am Nisha Pandey. I’m an avid blogger and a SEO expert living in Delhi. My blog is basically a technology blog where I share my knowledge and experience as a SEO expert and blogger. Through this blog I share various tricks and tips for blogging, which can be helpful for aspiring and new bloggers. Apart from recently I’ve started another blog, where I share various How-to articles.

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How did you first get entered into blogging and what circumstances are involved which compelled you to make your own identity in blogosphere?

I would not say that any circumstance compelled me to come into blogging. I was working in the SEO segment and was interested in blogging. In 2013, during my maternity leave I had nothing much to do. So, being the netizen I am, I started researching on internet about blogging. It seemed like a great career to take up to. The thing that attracted me most towards blogging is its power to touch the lives of so many people around the globe. So, combining my expertise in SEO and my love for new technology, I started in April that year.

Do you have any source of inspiration in blogging? And which blogger inspires you a lot?

The biggest source of inspiration for me is day to day happenings. Today technology is inventing something new every other day. Today’s latest technology is completely outdated only in one month. I do not think there can be anything more exciting than this constant development.

But yes, I do have some inspiring figures from whom I learned a lot about blogging, and I simply cannot name just one person. Herleena Ma’am from has been a constant source of inspiration, I have learnt so much from Adrienne Smith from and Carol Amato from, and Harsh Agarwal from has always been a great motivator to me. With so many wonderful bloggers out there, the list is practically endless.

As we all know that you are married, So, don’t you feel any difficulty to manage both your family & your Blog?

Well, it is difficult and some time very very difficult. Having a full time career and managing a baby is quite taxing. But, we women have always been the masters of multi tasking. It’s all about time management and prioritizing.

I always keep a to do list and plan my day ahead. So, I do not have to waste time on unnecessary chores. I also feel very lucky to have a supportive family.

What is your message towards novice bloggers who want to join blogging with a mindset of money making?

I think it’s great that novice bloggers are coming into the arena with the motive of making money. To be honest, you’ll only put your hundred percent in a career when it promises to wield good return. But, it is also very important that they do not lose their patience. Blogging, like any other career takes time to take flight. You’ll have to work diligently without getting de-motivated to establish your blog first. When your blog will gain a considerable number of visitors, money will start coming in.

How much you earn from your blog? What is your opinion regarding new bloggers, do they make a decent income through blogging?

Well, in this case I shall prefer not to give you the figures. But yes, I do earn sufficient enough. In a very short time, blogging has proved to be a very rewarding career for me.

As far as the new bloggers are concerned, I personally know a few bloggers who have started out recently and are already earning a decent amount. So, for all you aspiring bloggers out there, blogging is a great career option. But like all other careers, it’ll definitely demand all your dedication and knowledge.

Getting traffic towards your blog is the biggest concern what strategies you are adopting which brings traffic to your blog?

As a SEO expert, I’m always very keen on making my blog SEO friendly. To be honest if your blog is search engine optimized, then half the battle is won. Also I use social media sharing and email marketing for bringing traffic in.

What are the major requirements in blogging which help out bloggers to successfully continue their blogging journey?

The first and foremost quality is diligence. You simply cannot sit in the corner crying about low traffic. That is not going to do anything for you. One has to be dedicated towards it. Planning your articles, writing them in a digestible format and publishing them are just a part of it. To become successful as a blogger, you need to constantly update yourself about everything new in the blogging world. Be in a new Google algorithm or a latest plug-in, you need to dig out the information and use them. The best way to do it is to read leading blogs. According to me, hard work, dedication and a constant hunger for knowledge are the most important requirements of a blogger.

How your journey has been as a blogger? 

It has been a wonderful journey so far. I started as a newbie, without much knowledge about blogging, with only my will to learn the business. It’s just been two years and today my blog has a great number of visitors. The most motivating point is when an aspiring blogger gets inspired by my blog. Today I can say that I have created a space for myself as a professional blogger.

In last illuminate my blog with your kind words.

To be honest, I am a huge fan of Etutorialblog myself. I have learnt a few tricks from your blog. It’s very helpful and the way you write your articles, it becomes very easy for your visitors to follow the points. I think there a lot one can learn from your blog. It’s useful, inspiring and make for great reading.

I’m sure you’ll reach a great height if you keep up this work. All the very best to you!! 

I think after reading the whole Interview with Nisha Pandey. You have learnt a lot and beginners will take some inspiration to go through in blogging.


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Muhammad Mairaj

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  • @Mairaj
    Great Interview With Nisha .
    I Am Also Going To start Interview series On My Blog With The Talented Bloggers World wide.
    Keep Updating Interviews Like This

  • Hi Mairaj,

    Great interview with Nisha Pandey. You covered all the bases and she is one talented lady. This post is helping me to grow as an internet marketer and I thank you for that. She is an SEO master and that is half the battle.

    She mentioned great bloggers who she is learning and I know and follow them too. She is amazing.

    Thank you for sharing, Mairaj and you have a wonderful weekend!


    • Hi Linda,

      Thank you so much for landing on my page and valuable insight you put in to this post. Yes, I totally agree with you that half of her battle she wins though expertise in SEO. She is an excellent blogger and most of all nice human being.

      Keep visiting ETB for further updates 🙂



  • Hi Mairaj ,
    I like the interview and can see Nisha must be
    great in organizing her life. It is not easy to keep
    up with all a mother with a household has to do
    and learning about the newest technology.
    She is an inspiration and I see beginners can
    learn a lot from her.
    Al the best to Nisha and thank you for the interview
    so we can learn about her.

  • Hi Muhammad,

    I love reading interviews, they are motivating and have a way of giving me a boost. Actually this interview has done that.

    I also love seeing and reading about women who balances their work life and family, it’s not an easy one. Kudos Nisha!

    This post is of great help to me.

    And oh I couldn’t agree more with the part when Nisha said “hard work, dedication and a constant hunger for knowledge are the most important requirements of a blogger”.

    Thanks for sharing this inspirational post with us.

    Have a great day

    • Hi Kore,

      Glad to know that you love reading interviews, Indeed these kind of stuff give us more energy to do some thing better. Consistency, hard work and dedication is the key or success which count in any part of our life 🙂

      Thanks for dropping lovely comment, I hope to see you again.



  • Hey Mairaj,

    I have known Nisha from a long time. She is an amazing blogger. She guides her readers about SEO and more.

    You have conducted an interesting series of interviews at your blog. I am sure it will be helpful for many newbies who want to connect with other well-known bloggers.

    It makes me happy as how women are coming further in the field of online business. Especially from India.

    Thanks for letting us know more about Nisha.
    Have a nice day.

    • Hi Ravi,

      Nice to see you here at etutorialblog one again and really do appreciate it. I’m so glad that you enjoyed Nisha Interview. No doubt she is an excellent tech blogger form India. I hope this interview can help out novice bloggers to know more about her 🙂

      Keep visiting ETB



  • Hi Muhammad,
    Nice to see my online friend Nisha here on the Interview board of ETuto..
    Good to see you Nisha here. Though I know Nisha since few years, its really glad to know a bit more about her activities in the field of blogging especially her SEO activities.
    Keep up the good work Nisha. Thanks Mairaj for introducing Nisha to your readerd. Good Wishes to you as well Nisha
    Have a wonderful weekend
    Season’s Greetings to you and all your readers. 🙂
    Keep sharing

  • Hi Muhammad; and Nicha; Great interview. Its helpful hearing about her balancing work and life especially for new bloggers. Often their passion for their subject or their determination to make a profit lead them to ignore their personal life to push on with their blog. and i couldn’t agree more with the belief that it takes constant consistent effort. even the smallest of actions taken daily can move you and your blog forward. Thanks for sharing, max

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