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How To Do Youtube Affiliate Video Marketing Complete Guide

affiliate video marketing
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

In this critique, I have described in detail that how to do affiliate video marketing. I have previously written certain articles about affiliate marketing along with the approaches which are used to market your offers to earn some instantaneous affiliate commissions. This method is pretty much convenient for Youtuber’s also for making some good money online simply by affiliate marketing on Youtube.

affiliate video marketing

The voluminous online community is running their Youtube channels but they are not aware how to use their Youtube assets effectively. In fact, most of the guys are confused, they don’t have any inkling which product converts well and how to find money-spinning products and what are the resources which help them to choose the best, long lasting and result oriented products. So, guys, I am here to fix all the misperceptions in your mind.

Most of the individuals think that without a website or blog one cannot earn money through affiliate marketing. It’s totally erroneous in my opinion. If you have a blog you can earn more, but this is not mandatory there are various methods out of which affiliate video marketing is one of them. In this quick guide, I have explained each and everything about Youtube affiliate marketing. This is certainly a totally free method all you have to do is, set up a new Youtube channel where you can upload your review videos along with your affiliate link in video description.

Steps To Complete Affiliate Video Marketing

  • Find excellent affiliate item which will be launch in next few days.
  • Get the promotional link of your affiliate product.
  • Must have Youtube Channel.
  • Must have some knowledge about video recording and Editing.

Search Profitable Products for Video Reviews

Product launch calendars like,,, and Clickbank are some great resources to get some handy information about future launches. With the help of these, you can easily find some good products for video reviews.

The biggest benefit of affiliate video marketing is receiving tons of organic visitors. Because when the product is officially launched peoples are enthusiastically searching for it. This is the great opportunity for you guys to earn handsome affiliate commissions.

Use Buyer Keywords In Tags

The excellent technique is to target the name of your product for e.g if you’re going to create video review on Camtasia studio, then you’ll have to use buyer keywords in your video tags like Camtasia studio review, best Camtasia studio review, Camtasia studio, buy Camtasia studio, purchase Camtasia studio etc. This method is pretty helpful to increase more affiliate sales.

Keep in mind success varies on channels to channel. Means if someone has an authority channel and they has already thousands of subscribers then they earn well as compare to the new channel. So, it’s time to setup a new channel where you upload your video reviews consistently. With the passage of time, your channel will grow fast people will take more interest in your video content. Meanwhile, you’ll have to research more and adopt those strategies which satisfied maximum visitors.

Easy Guide About Affiliate Marketing Through Youtube

Affiliate video marketing is an excellent method to generate more revenue and more affiliate sales. Because it is indeed the easiest and biggest free and paid traffic source for every online business. Before uploading the video content you’ll have to analyze the video SEO. If you did this part in a right way and optimize your video title, description and tags properly Youtube will rank your review video instantly.

  • Create a professional video for particular product review before their launching phase and target buyer keywords.
  • For creating an honest video review you need to have all the information which satisfied all the visitors and interested buyers. So, in this case, you can contact the vendor for getting the copy of product review. In this way, you can elaborate the details in a batter way.
  • Always retain your video quality and length in your mind. Because you don’t have enough time to convince the users you have only 4 to 5 minutes of time.
  • So, you’ll have to cover all the information regarding particular product which makes a good impact on their minds. Try to adopt the strategy which is good enough to convert your viewers into customers.
  • Provide genuine details because your review is based on honesty. Don’t forget to share your personal experience and thoughts about that item.

Prerequisite Video Editing & Screen Recording Applications

Must have some basic knowledge of video recording and editing. Choose one of your favorite screen recording software and start creating videos. Below I mentioned some useful tools.

  • Camtasia Studio
  • Moviva Screen Capture
  • Adobe After Affects
  • Filmora
  • Jing

If you don’t have enough grip and don’t have any idea how to create videos by yourself then you’ll have to outsource any individual from any freelancing platform. The easiest and the cheapest place is Fiverr where you can easily buy any service within 5 $.Never forget to provide the copy of review which you get from the product vendor to freelancer. Who creates a video for you because in this way he/she will include necessary information which is convincing enough.

For getting more spectacular results you can offer free bonuses for those who buy affiliate product by using your affiliate link. Which you have embedded in your video description. This is one of the best ways for getting more affiliate sales.Before the end of your video, you’ll have to include a call to action for interested buyers which contains the statement that to grab this offer and related bonuses click on our affiliate link found in the description.

You must have your accounts on different well-known affiliate marketing resources like Clickbank, Muncheye, JVzoo, Warriorplus and much more. The final step is uploading your video content on Youtube which is indeed a very easy process. Next step is concerned with video SEO. If you want to know more information about Youtube in detail. So, you can watch our complete Youtube video course.

You can rank your videos by embedding your video on your blog. Do share the link of your videos on Google + Communities, Social media sites because social media plays an important role for better ranking.This technique is beneficial for Youtubers and bloggers because if bloggers won’t be able to convince their blog readers by means of their written content to grab that offers then video review will be helpful in this regard.

However, the main focus of Youtuber’s is their Google Adsense earning. But by following above-mentioned strategies properly one can earn good enough money as compared to AdSense by using affiliate video marketing.


These are some great tips regarding affiliate video marketing in which I have shared exclusive tactics about how professionals are using Youtube for affiliate marketing with these simple steps. Hopefully, this guide will play a constructive role for both bloggers and Youtubers if so, then do share it on Social media.


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  • Hey Mairaj,

    Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money and people are up for anything now.

    It’s important to find the right product. YouTube video marketing can be lucrative.

    Thanks for the guide.


    • Hey Ravi,

      Off course Youtube video marketing is significant for affiliate marketers. As we all know that Youtube is also a largest traffic resource with the help of which one can target the interested buyers and promote our affiliate products.

      Many thanks for sharing your excellent views on my page 🙂



  • Hey Mairaj,

    YouTube offers a range of video advertising options, with the best ones for conversions being TrueView In-Search and In-Display Video ads together formerly falling under the YouTube Promoted Videos name. YouTube is higher up in the sales funnel, so gearing keywords related to the discovery stage works best and it can be great choice for afiliate marketing.

    We should create separate campaigns for YouTube Search and YouTube Video as this will help us to better track performance metrics. Eventually, thanks for sharing your best experience with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

    • Hi Amar,

      Thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts on my page about Youtube. No doubt Youtube is an excellent resource which offers a variety of video advertising options which are also very handy for affiliate video marketing.

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  • Hi Mairaj

    I never really got into using YouTube for Affiliate Marketing, partly because I didn’t feel I had the skills to do it. But I have heard of other people being very successful with this method.

    I’ll certainly recommend your very clear instructions to anyone who would like to use YouTube in their Internet Marketing mix.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

    • Hello Joy,

      Once again welcome to you and many thanks for your lovely support. No doubt Youtube is an excellent approach wich help out affiliate marketers to achieve their targets and increase more affiliate sales easily and effectively.

      Keep in touch with ETB for further updates 🙂



  • Hi Mairaj,

    There is no doubt YouTube is the most searched podium after Google. So as you said above there is a huge opportunity for the Affiliate Marketers to make a good chunk out of it.
    Though haven’t tried YouTube yet, but your article was very motivating….Glad you shared…


    • Hi Navin,

      A warm welcome to you here at etutorialblog, glad to know that you like my article a lot.

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  • Hello,

    Well indeed youtube is really perfect platform for promoting affiliate products and I must admit we can gain awesome profit in very short time.

    Thanks for tips!

  • Hi Mairaj,

    Nice that you wrote an article around this topic. Cisco has predicted that by 2018 69% of internet traffic will be through video. Video, being a medium that can effectively convey and convince people through visual graphics are most preferred by people. With virtual reality and augmented reality coming its a must that all marketers should start giving importance to videos.
    Making promotions prior to a product release with the help of a product launch calendar helps in driving high traffic to our website.

    • Hi Nishant,

      Exactly with the passage of time, people take more interest in videos as compare to lengthy articles. Because in this way they can easily learn and understand anything in a more convenient way.

      Keep visiting 🙂



  • Yes!
    I agree with you Mairaj.
    Youtube is one of the most popular and one and only place where mostly all videos are available to entertain you , guide you and helps you.
    So we all bloggers and Internet markets can utilize it to make extra money like doing affiliate marketing through YouTube so here very perfectly you explained to your readers .
    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Sanu,

      Of course, Youtube is an excellent medium for bloggers and affiliate marketers. Indeed Youtube is on the list of most visited websites on the internet. One can utilize it to make extra money simply by promoting affiliate products as well as monetizing our videos.

      Keep in touch with ETB for further updates 🙂



  • YouTube is one of the most visited sites on the internet. Using Youtube to promote an affiliate product works really well! Ranking your blog with video is very lucrative and will bring in a nice monthly income.

    Thanks for sharing unique and easy to understand post-Mairaj!

    • Hi Nikhil,

      No doubt Youtube is one of the best resource for affiliate marketers and bloggers to increase their blog traffic and promote affiliate products nicely and effectively.

      Many thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts with us in shape of such a lovely comment, hope to see you again 🙂



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