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5 Search Engine Optimization Techniques You Must Know

SEO is an inspirable element of any content marketing strategy. Which stand for Search Engine Optimization which is basically used for ranking your website content higher on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s). The main reason for implementing SEO is to draw more traffic to your site. It can further segregated into two main types: On-page & Off-Page.

On-Page SEO is a technique in which, those actions are performed which are done ON the site itself in order to make it rank higher. For example, internal linking, using meta tags and descriptions and page titles.

Off-Page SEO are those actions which are performed OFF the website to make your site rank higher. These activities include social networking, forum and blog marketing and article submission.

In the following article, we are going to explain in detail about the On-Page Search Engine Optimization Techniques and other related means to improve your search engine results’ rankings.    To make the SEO work effectively in your favor, we have to put together a brief list of Search Engine Optimization Techniques that we believe you must know. Here are they:

Using Header Tags To Show What Is Said In The Content

It is not as difficult as it sounds. Header Tags are simply put in the headings that are used to show Google and your readers what actually your content contains. Normally, header tags are included in your HTML page and look like this:

<h1>This is my title</h1>

If you need your content to rank higher, the usage of unique header tags is highly essential. Given below is an example of how to use Header Tags for SEO.

H1: Each page should contain only one H1 Tag. It is usually the title of your post or page and is significant for the user experience and search engine rankings.

H2: This includes the sub-headings which are used to break the content into smaller pieces. This explains the progress of your content to your readers and makes the search engines know about the main contents of your page.

H3:, H4,… :.: These are the sub-headings within sub-headings. As a general principle, the H1 and H2 tags are to be put as your prime focus. Longer articles are more inclined to benefit from sub-headings as it breaks them into smaller chunks of texts.

Try To Write Longer Content

The tactic of writing shorter content (400 – 500 words) is an old one. It used to be earlier that a typical content of <400 words targeted with a specific keyword, got it to rank higher in the search engines. Google has made changes to its algorithm, such that it has a clear favour for longer and detailed content. Search metrics, found out in a study that the average count of some of the top-ranked pages was 1,285 pages. So, if you really want your content to show up high in the search results, make your content detailed and long enough. What this implies is that don’t just focus on achieving the word count, rather on offering unique information to the readers.

Give Some Relevant Keywords In Your Content

In recent times, the SEO domain has witnessed a slight trend against the usage of keywords. Using specific keywords in your content, title tag and headers is actually quite important but Google wants to check whether you have used the relevant terms and keywords in your text or not. The usage of ‘relevant terms’ has become very significant in order to acquire high rankings. For example, if you want to write about website designing, you’ll have to include keywords such as Internet, web and design. If you really want to enhance your user experience and want to go in-depth about your content then you should include such words. To help you in such a cause, you can take help of a useful tool called Google Keyword Planner 

Make Your Website Mobile Optimized

Google has nowadays altered its algorithm such that to provide for mobile friendliness. This tool has included mobile-optimization as a ranking factor. Thus, Google has made it clear that the sites that aren’t mobile-optimized as yet would not get a better rank. To make your site more mobile-optimized, you can use Google’s Mobile Friendly test. If your website is still not mobile-optimized, you can switch to a responsive website design. For the sites that are made with WordPress, you can utilize the Jetpack free plugin, which will itself convert your site’s theme to a responsive design.

Use Interactive Elements & Lists To Build Your Content

It is by now well-known that making your pages attractive and easy to read is quite important for enhancing the user experience. Inclusion of some elements such as menus, lists and buttons have a high impact on your site’s rankings. Search metrics also found out that, more the bullets in your content, the higher the rankings it would achieve. Thus, it is advised to include more items in list format. Construct your content in such a way that not only is it correct in providing facts but also is easy to read. Also, since many of your visitors would be coming from mobile devices, so make sure that it includes enough links, images, buttons and lists to make them access and read it effortlessly.


We sincerely hope that the given blog post will help out the blogging community a lot on knowing the effective Search Engine Optimization Techniques. Most importantly, try to focus on writing detailed content that also reveals a lot about your topic and is structured in a way to make logic and engages your readers. The above mentioned Search Engine Optimization Techniques are the most efficient tactics that can get your content to rank high on numerous search engines. Creating a valuable SEO strategy does provide your company a significant boost in the SERP’s.

Aarif Habeeb: Aarif Habeeb is a Digital Marketing Strategist and Technical Content writer atTechnocrab solution. An Indian agency specializing in web designing SEO, PPC and Conversion Rate Optimization strategies that deliver industry-leading ROI. He Has worked for small, medium and large organizations and helps marketers overcome the barriers to success through Digital marketing.

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  • Hi Aarif and Mairaj,

    It's good to see a new author here.

    We all talk about SEO, but few are there who know the real meaning of this. Writing a post isn't enough. Bloggers should need to know how to optimize it?

    I agree with your points regarding headings and all. You should add "alt text" tag with your images.
    There are many other aspects to knowing about.


    • Hi Ravi,

      Good to see you here once again at etutorialblog and read the whole guest post.In this post Aarif is trying to share 5 lucrative tips which is useful in Search Engine Optimization. So, bloggers and webmasters are in need to focus on above mentioned points for batter SEO.

      Thanks for dropping such a lovely comment, hope to see you again :)



  • Hii Ravi

    Thank you for mention your point here I agree with you there is lots more to know in Better SEO.

    thank you for liking my firt post on etutorialblog.

  • Hi Aarif,

    It's great to see you here with interesting content. Search Engine Optimization is the major way to drive traffic to our blog/website. It's not only helps to drive traffic, it's also help's us to get page rank for our blog/website. Just thinking about the content and posting it to the blog is not enough for a blogger, he/she have to use the tools like adwords, semrush etc... to optimize their content. Optimization is the important process to put in mind to promote their blog.

    Anyway thanks for share. Keep writing.

    • Hi Raaja,

      A very warm welcome to your here and appreciating this Guest post by Aarif, Keep visiting etutorialblog for further updates.

  • Hi Muhammad, Aarif,

    Good to be here again seeing this very useful and straight to the point post.

    You talked about an important point that a lot of bloggers overlook - using header tags. Books are broken into chapters for us to understand better, so if we want our readers to understand our content better then we have to break down our writing into different headings.

    When it comes to writing long content I must say am getting bettet at it. But one thing is to provide the right information that adds value to our readers.

    These are all nice points for SEO.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Have a great day you both.

    • Thank you kore, For dropping such a lovely comment on my post and sharing your valuable thoughts. Infact these are few tips which can help out bloggers for optimizing their blogs.

      Thanks for your support and kind presence at etutorialblog, hope to see you again :)

    • Hi Kore,

      Welcome to my blog and thanks for getting time to read out the post, glad you liked the post. I totally agree with you that content must be qualitative having lucid information. Stay tuned to grab more stuff like that.



  • Extremely well done Muhammad & Aarif!

    And certainly by consistently implementing your five spot
    on techniques, we will dramatically boost the chances of more
    and more of our content, ranking higher on the various search engines.

    With a higher Google ranking, being our primary goal. Thanks for sharing
    your highly informative information, in such a straight forward
    and easy to apply manner!

    • Hi Mark,

      I am glad to see you here on my blog and sharing your nice opinions in shape of lovely comment. Exactly, the above mentioned points brings great results.Webmasters get maximum benefits if they are not neglecting these 5 rules of Search Engine Optimization. Indeed these points help out the bloggers for batter optimizing their blogs.

      Thanks a lot for coming by, hope to see you again :)



  • Hi Muhammad & Aarif!

    Definitely one of the best and easy to understand SEO guides i have come across. Its simple and to the point. Thumbs up!!!

    Thank you,

  • Good Tips on SEO, Aarif. But you can list out so many things in this blog post. However, you have done a good job.
    Page speed should be included as well in the list of 5 top SEO techniques.

    Thanks for the post, mate.

    • Hi Atish,

      A warm welcome to you at etutorialblog, Glad you liked the post and appreciating the hard work and effort of Aarif as well. Hope you will keep coming to add value in future posts here with your Spectacular comments :)



    • Hii


      Thank you for reading my post. Yes i agree with you on website speed.
      its a ranking signal.
      when you optimize your website it will automativcally good in speed.

      thank you

  • Hi Muhammad,
    Good to meet Aarif on your page with an informative piece!
    Good to know about these tips. Some of them I am following
    and one or two not yet. Thanks for sharing this valuable info.
    Thanks Aarif. Keep writing
    Best Regards
    ~ Philip

  • Nice post Aarif,
    Very important topic indeed and very informative article on it. I recently did a little experiment in which I focused more on on page factors rather than off page initially, and i got awesome results.

  • Nice post Arif, I am going to use this tips for my site, this are really very easy techniques, but i am really curious to know will this simple techniques help to rank the site higher in the Google or more efforts are required for that, I'll appreciate if you can share more indepth guide on how to rank site higher in search engines so that people like me can learn from it :)

    Thanks again Aarif..