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How To Make A 3D Cube Step By Step Tutorial Of Photoshop - E Tutorial Blog

How To Make A 3D Cube Step By Step Tutorial Of Photoshop

In this tutorial of Photoshop I am going to explain you each and every step that how easily you can design a 3D looking cube by yourself. Well designing is an art which enhance with the passage of time and experience. No doubt Photoshop is a great tool for graphic designers and photographers by using this they can easily generate quality designs which is the demand of modern era as well as their valuable clients.

Here I would like to share one more thing that should be very important while creating any design you must be pretty much focused on the colours which you are using in your design. Because colour’s matter a lot it gives the new life to your design. You must have a proper sense of choosing right color for your design you know very well that how to deal with colours.

In simple if you have low quality design and the colors you are using in your design are eye-catching then your design definitely impresses others. On the other hand if you have excellent design but you don’t know the color schemes that which colour suits your design then definitely you should ruin your whole design and your whole hard work go in vain.

You should work hard to overcome your mistakes. Because in graphic designing color combination is the most significant element you should never neglect it at any cost.

Photoshop Video Tutorial Of 3D Cube

How To Make A 3D Cube Step By Step Tutorial Of… by etutorialblog

Now come to our tutorial section, well before starting the process of making 3d looking cube I have downloaded a sample image of 3d cube from  for your ease. I created similar design so let’s get start.

Open your Photoshop program then go to File Menu and make a New File select Default Photoshop Size, Set The Resolution On 72 DPI , Colour Mode RGB. Now drag and drop your sample image on your newly created file.

Make a New Layer then choose Rectangular Marquee Tool and draw a rectangular shape then fill colour with Paint Bucket Tool in your object now it’s time to transform your object, go to Edit Menu and select the option Free Transform right click on your object and choose Skew option then click on the center anchor point and move little in upward direction.

Now it’s time to make a copy of your object layer,  Fill colour with it then go to Edit Menu >> Free Transform right click on your object and click on Flip Horizontal then slightly position your object with the help of Move Tool.

Make a New Layer pick up a Rectangular Marquee Tool then draw a rectangular shape once again and Fill colour in your object, in this connection you need to fill colour through Paint Bucket Tool.

Transform your Object and right click on it. Then select Distort and pick an anchor point and move towards the other anchor point to give it a true or real look of 3D cube. And if you want to add images on the faces of 3d cubes then you can use Skew and Distort option that could be very helpful to you in this scenario.

In addition to this if you want to make your cube more attractive or fascinating then you can add gradient effect along with reflection.


I hope you guys like this tutorial of Photoshop in which I have showed you the simplest way through which you can easily design 3d cube in Photoshop. I hope you will also share this tutorial with your friends at social media.

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